3./4. 05.2014 Group Show TIME TRAVEL


Group Show TIME TRAVEL, Mai 3-4, 2014in cotext of Spinnerei Spring Gallery Tour



Opening:  3rd of May 2014 at 3 pm with performance of Slovenia artist Mateja


LIA: Spinnereistr. 7, Leipzig, hall 18, 2nd floor
Opening hours: Sat 11 am - 9 pm // Sun 11 am- 6 pm


Time Travel
Today’s society is characterized by an intercultural discourse which contains a complexity and modernity that finds their expression in transnational exchange and its fast-moving nature. In times of globalization there is a lot of intercultural interface which are defined by our society’s mobility and hybridity.  Different cultures are located in an ongoing process of change and redefinition, of exchange and fusion. The permanent movement that characterizes our society is raising issues of one’s own cultural identity, the past, the present and the future. Also the current guest artists of the Leipzig International Arts Programme are dealing with questions to our globalized society – it is about the definition of one’s self, questions to the past, the expression of an ever-expanding urbanity, the relation between human identity and the fast-changing environment and the relatively slow artistic process compared with the fast-moving nature of the world around us. Leipzig as a place characterized by time travel, change and however stagnation presents a different kind of inspiring environment.(Text Jule Schmidtke)
The residents of LIA are showing their works on the group show spring gallery tour in the beginning of May.
International artists:

Astrid Dick (AR)

Stefan Dunlop (AU)

Mitja Ficko (SLO)

Frankie Morgan (AU)

Angela Miskis (USA)

Elisabeth Moritz (SWE)

Alexander Povzner (RU)

David Ralph (AU)

We thank LIA main partner BMW and  the Australia Council for the Arts, the School of Visual Arts New York and Emil Olsson Foundation for their kind support.