Aidan Baker-Hill

Stipend of the: Painting is a way for me to explore visual concepts that interest me.  The illusion of depth on a two dimensional surface is the most fascinating aspect of art to me, so I am naturally drawn to…Continue readingAidan Baker-Hill

Atalanta Arden-Miller

Stipend of the: Education: Westminster School Oxford University – Ruskin School of Art (undergraduate) New York Academy of Art (postgraduate) Exhibitions: Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Competition, Piano Nobile, 2013 United Society of Artists Exhibition, Cork Street, 2014 Ruskin First Year Show,…Continue readingAtalanta Arden-Miller

Naomi Nakazato

Stipend of the: As an Japanese-American biracial artist driven by experiences of loss and alienation, I am interested in the complexity of imitation and narration as art. By creating work existing in two disparate visual cultures, I investigate the…Continue readingNaomi Nakazato

Yoshiyuki Koinuma

Website of Yoshiyuri Koinuma My work is influenced by Computer Game, Biology, Science Fiction, Nature and Japanese culture. It invites spectators to use their imagination and enjoy themselves, evoking their surreal imagination, made of fantasy world and outer space. The…Continue readingYoshiyuki Koinuma

Eva Borner Education 2003 Diplom Künstlerin HGK 1999 – 2003 Studium Medienkunst, FH Aargau, Dep. Gestaltung und Kunst, Aarau 1999 Hyperwerk, Basel 1986 – 1990 Lehre als Dekorationsgestalterin, Basel Awards 2017 LIA, Leipzig International Art Programme, 2 Monate Aufenthalt als Artist…Continue readingEva Borner

Josephine Hellen Franklyn

Josephine Hellen Franklyn’s practice centres on investigations of impermanence, complexity and multiplicity. Her practice incorporates installation, sculpture, video, found ephemera, collage, assemblage, drawing, light and shadow. She does not have a singular aesthetic or visual language, instead working with found…Continue readingJosephine Hellen Franklyn

Hans-Jörg Walter Hans-Jörg Walter, born 1967 in Basel, Switzerland Photographer, Image Editor, Journalist,Artist Education 1991-1993, Lehrauftrag HGK Zürich, Fotoklasse 1987-1990 Berufslehre als Fotograf, Basel / Langenbruck 1985 Vorkurs, Schule für Gestaltung, Basel Professional Experiences 2000-2006 Lehrauftrag FH Basel, HGK, Medienkunst 1999/2000…Continue readingHans-Jörg Walter

Noori Lee Die maßlos produzierten Bilder verschiedener Medien werden als “Zeichen” wahrgenommen und konsumiert. Bei Noori Lee werden diese Bilder gesammelt, archiviert und durch seine Arbeit unabhängig ihres ursprünglichen Zweckes nebeneinandergestellt. Durch diese Gleichstellung wird der eigentliche Code des Bildes entfremdet…Continue readingNoori Lee

Julia Stoddard Julia Stoddard is a multi-media artist currently based in New York. Her work in video, performance, sound, printmaking, and syntheses thereof engage carefully selected, often cultivated environments which become mediums for generating recordings used in compositions or spatial installations.…Continue readingJulia Stoddard