Oxiea Villamonte

Term: February-April 2024 Throughout my childhood, my mother often told me a story her mother told her as a child. The story is about the last leaf. This leaf resists the harsh weather and changing seasons with all its strength…Continue readingOxiea Villamonte

Adam Michálek

Term: February-April 2024 Adam Michálek is a Czech-based artist working and studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. In his work, he uses varying media based on the project, whether performance, installation, photography, text, or garments and clothing. …Continue readingAdam Michálek

Inez de Brauw

Term: February-July 2024 Inez de Brauw lives and works in Amsterdam. She received her BFA with honours at HKU Utrecht in 2014. She has participated in multiple residencies, including the Vermont Studio Center (2023), EKWC (2022), and Rijksakademie van beeldende…Continue readingInez de Brauw

Ilsa Brittain

Term: February-April 2024 Ilsa Brittain is from the UK but has spent most of her life travelling abroad. She studied her masters at the New York Academy of Art in New York. And is now currently living, working and exhibiting…Continue readingIlsa Brittain

Mahmoud Talaat

Term: February 2024 Through the addition of photography and drawing to my paintings, I create dimensional scenes that explore conceptual, ambiguous, and explicit spaces.  My creative practice and daily experiences are intertwined. My mind is constantly preoccupied with questions about…Continue readingMahmoud Talaat