Ksenia Galiaeva

born on July 26 in Pskov, Russia in 1976. Ksenia studied at the Academy for Art and Design, ’s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands gaining a Bachelor’s degree in 1999 before she started to study Fine Arts at the Post St.-Joost, Breda, the Netherlands. She lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

1995-1999 BA, Academy for Art and Design, ’s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

1999 – 2000 MFA, St.-Joost, MFA, Post St.-Joost, Breda, the Netherlands

1999 winner of the Sint Lucas prize

2002 nominated for the Mama Cash prize

2006 nominated for the Ary Scheffer prize

Grants and residencies
2003 Startstipendium, Fonds BKVB

2005 Basisstipendium, Fonds BKVB

2009 FondsLive, Fonds BKVB, for book Dacha

2010 LIA, Leipzig, Fonds BKVB

Solo exhibitions
2001 Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam

2002 Sint Maartens Kliniek, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Pskov Museum, Pskov, Russia

2004 Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam

2005 “Wuthering Heights” gallery, Malmö, Sweden

2006 “Archive”, Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam

2009 Art Amsterdam, Ellen de Bruijne Projects

Group exhibitions (selection)
1995 Na Bastionnoi gallery, Pskov, Russia

2000 Een ceder in mijn tuin, KW 14, ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Click op oneindig, Het Kruithuis, ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Artis Eenhoog, ’s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

Lokaal 01, Breda, the Netherlands

Trade Apartment, London, UK – project Post St.-Joost

Art Primeur, CBK, Dordrecht, the Netherlands

Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam – representing Artis, ’s-Hertogenbosch

10 is a show, Fish&Chips, Antwerpen, Belgium

It is strange to be so many women, Ellen de Bruijne Projects

2001 In the meantime, De Appel, Amsterdam

2002 She shows, Mama Cash, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

2004 Uitgelicht 04, Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam

2005 KunstRai, Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam

2006 Het Tweede Huis?, travelling exhibition, the Netherlands

Art Primeur revisited, CBK, Dordrecht, the Netherlands

2007 Dacha, gallery Gertzena 6 , Pskov, Russia

2009 Artistbook International, Johan Deumens, Centre Pompidou, Paris – with Dacha

Individual Coordinates, Johan Deumens, Haarlem, The Netherlands

At Home, Fotodok, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Mélange: Kunstcollecties van de Nederlandsche Bank en het Dordrechts Museum, De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam

2010/2011 Voth, KW14, travelling exhibition, Yaroslavl Art Museum, Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre, NCCA Jekaterinburg, Moscou MOMA – Russia, Stedelijk Museum ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

2009 book Dacha, ISBN/EAN 978-90-814859-1-3

2008 board member CAWA (Committee for Studios and Workspaces Amsterdam)

2007-2009 board member Fonds BKVB (the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture)

2006- 2009 teacher at the AKI – art academy in Enschede, the Netherlands

teacher at AKV/St.Joost – art academy in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

Art Academy ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

De Nederlandsche Bank (central bank of the Netherlands), Amsterdam

private collections, in the Netherlands and USA

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