Kylie Manning

born in 1983 in Juneau, Alaska. She studied philosophy and visual arts at the Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts. Now she is student of the New York Academy of Art going to achieve a M.F.A. in 2010.

2010 MFA from NYAA (In Progress)
2006 B.A. from Mount Holyoke College
Double Major in Visual Art and Philosophy

Awards and Honors
2007 Individual Artist Grant, Equipment, Juneau Arts and Humanities Council.
2005 Artist of the Year, Mount Holyoke College.
2004 Fine Art Scholarship, Mount Holyoke College; Artist of the Year, Hunter College, NYC.
2003 Artist of the Year, Hunter College, NYC.
2001 Fine Art Scholarship, Juneau Arts and Humanities Council.

2008 Solo Painting Exhibition and Video Installation, Juneau City Museum.
2007 Painting Exhibition, Jaded; Solo Painting Exhibition, Heritage; Solo Painting and Video Installation, Juneau Arts and Humanities Council; Solo Abstract Landscape Exhibition, Two Crow Gallery.
2006 Solo Studio Art Exhibition, Studio 154; Solo Cubist Figurative Painting Exhibition, MHC Gallery.
2005 Solo Video Installation and Painting Exhibition, MHC Gallery; Solo Installation and Sculpture Exhibition, Chapin Gallery; Solo Sculpture Exhibition and Video Art Installation, Gamble Museum; Solo Sculpture Exhibition, The Moan and Dove; Solo Fine Art Exhibition, The Moan and Dove.
2004 Solo Fine Art Exhibition, Thirsty Mind Gallery.

2008 Teacher, Oil Painting, The Canvas, Non-Profit Art Center.
2007 Teacher, Oil Painting, The Canvas, Non-Profit Art Center; Teacher, Expressive Oil Painting, Juneau Fine Arts Summer Camp; Teacher, Figurative Watercolor Painting, Juneau Douglas High .
2005 Direction and Artistic Design “In the Eclipse”.
2003 Teacher, Fine Arts, Camp Jackson; Design Internship, Diane Von Furstenberg, NYC.