Jinhee Park

born 1984 in Seoul. Currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. “My painting is visualizing irritated nerves, stimulated by the restless vibration between digital virtual reality and actuality. The works are struggles in a destructive system but yet a ludic and ecstatic dance, constantly seeking tangents. The tentacles wander aimlessly across hyperbolic space, they intertwine with others and also remain self-fulfilling.”

2009-13 BFA in Fine Arts at School of Visual Arts, New York

2012 Study Abroad at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts, Paris

2003-07 English Language and Literature at Sejong University, Seoul

Group Exhibition
2014 Group 17, Takt A.I.R., Berlin
Painting in Contemporary Practice at Slade School of Fine Art, London

2013 Open Studio: Summer Painting Residency at School of Visual Arts, New York
Senior Fine Arts Open Studio at School of Visual Arts, New York

2010 Foundation Sculpture End-of-Year Exhibition at School of Visual Arts, New York