Marlene Moris

Term: May – July 2018


French artist Marlene Moris lives and works in Paris. First studying architecture at the Ecole d ‘Architecture de Paris Belleville, influenced by her Czech grandfather, Lubomir Slapeta, and also playing violoncello professionally, she finally decided to mainly express herself through painting. With a traditional background in painting, she worked with, among others, Jean-Baptiste Sécheret and the Pracontal painters. Moris also uses various printmaking techniques, regularly participates in contemporary painting events in Paris, and travels regularly to Barcelona for print editions.

Her recent works are poetically dedicated to the fragility and transience of nature and its perpetual motion, such as rivers, flesh, spaces. In her latest series “Gardens” Marlene Moris explores fluid media on hanging textiles and plays with gestures, colors and the resolution of the image.


1997/2000  A.R.P picturial research studio, Issy 92
1997/1999  Visual Art Degree and History of Art diploma, Paris Sorbonne
ENS-BA National Fine Art school Paris (unregistred student)
1994                D.E.F.A gradueted in Architecture School Paris-Belleville

Print Workshops

2006/2008  La Taille Douce , etching / Contrepoint Studio, Hayter technik
2004/2006  ENSAA Duperre, Arts and crafts print edition certificate


2018                LIA Leipzig International Art Programme
2016                Les Polyculteurs, summer painting residence, Limoges
2013/2015  Art Print Residence, Barcelona

Solo Exhibitions

2017  Rivers, Centre culturel Ville de Courbevoie la Defense
2011  Etchings, Espace Theater Addyar Paris VII

Group Exhibitions

2017  Print exhibition, place Saint Sulpice , Paris V
2016  Al Mon, Fundatio Iluro, Mataro/Barcelona
2015  Print show, place Saint sulpice and esplanade des Invalides Paris
2012  Salon Siel de Paris, painting exhibition and auction, Atelier Richelieu, Paris II
2011  Contemporary print, Ermitage Rueil Malmaison

Awards / Public Collections

2011  BNF, French National Library ,departement of print and arts books
2011  Selected for Art project, war memorial, townhall Besancon
1997  Academie des Beaux Arts Paris, Fine Arts Academy Paris ,Third Drawing Price
Selected for Paul Louis Weillers portrait exhibition price

Comissioned Works

Paris London, rue Bayen, Paris VII /Lebec & Meurice Architects, Paris XVIII