“Wunderbar Together” – LIA group exhibition in the USA


LIA-exhibition project “Blickwechsel / Gaze Shift” was part of the anniversary program “Germany and the U.S.” 2018/2019

Since it’s foundation in 2007, LIA – Leipzig International Art Program has already supported more than 60 visual artists from the USA in the past ten years. Partnerships with New York City School of Visual Arts and the New York Academy of Art have been established, as well as close contact with U.S. Consulate General in Leipzig.

On the occasion of the Deutschlandjahr USA “Wunderbar Together” – a cooperation between the German Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institut and the BDI – LIA launched the exhibition project “Bickwechsel / Gaze Shift”, in which U.S. artists who stayed in LIA in the past and artists from Leipzig were presented together. The exhibition deliberately placed trans-cultural relationships between the U.S.-American and Leipzig artists, each of whom completed a stay abroad in the host country. The exhibition included video, installation, conceptual art, photography, painting and art prints. Supporting institutions on the German side have been the City of Leipzig, Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony and Villa Aurora Los Angeles, on the American side the School of Visual Arts of New York City and the New York Academy of Art.

>>> Concept of the exhibition project “Blickwechsel / Gaze Shift” <<<

The pointed comparison of the artistic production of both countries over the last ten years in the form of a dialogue should illustrate similarities and differences in the perception of both cultures and their ways of life. Are there common themes that affect artists from both countries? Are there cultural differences in dealing with the foreign? What exchange of experiences took place and how did it affect the working method?

Leipzig Artists:

Oskar Schmidt (Fotografie)
Silke Koch (Fotografie und Installation)
Franziska Holstein (Grafik)
Henriette Grahnert (Grafik)
Matthais Weischer (Grafik)
Maria und Vlado Ondrej (Grafik)
Bastian Muhr (Grafik)

et al

U.S. Artists:

Francesco Cincotta (video),
Brooke Tomiello (video),
Julia Stoddard (installation sound and video),
Kylie Lefkowitz (collage),
Connor Calhoun (drawing),
Santiago Chavez (drawing),
Katie Armstrong (Animation)
et al

In addition, under the patronage of former US Ambassador John B. Emerson, a graphic edition “New York – Leipzig” was created with 6 artists each from New York City and 6 from Leipzig. This exchange of work with the Leipzig studio for etching and multimedia artists was also part of the exhibition. On the one hand, different cultural perspectives were made visible, and on the other, the graphic tradition of the city of Leipzig was presented.

>>> Graphic Edition “Die Sprache Radierung- Radierungen Zehn” New York – Leipzig <<<

The exhibition included a presentation of works by invited German and American guest artists on the work of their respective guest residency followed by a podium discussion. In it, cultural experiences, the cooperation with institutions of the art business in Germany and the USA as well as aesthetic aspects of artistic production abroad are to be made accessible to a broad public and made personally visible beyond the exhibition.

Panel discussion at the Goethe-Institut in New York City with artists John Jacobsmeyer (right side) and Kylie Lefkowitz (right side)

Exhibition Dates:

March 1-23, 2019 at Cat Head Press, Washington St. Indianapolis, 2834 E.  Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46201, executed by Indymoca Museum

May 7 – June 7, 2019 at Flatiron Project Space, School of Visual Arts, New York City

Cooperation partners include the Federal Foreign Office – Germany Year 2018/2019, the US Consulate General Leipzig, the School of Visual Arts of New York City, the New York Academy of Art and the Studio for etching Maria and Vlado Ondrej.

Presentation at the open house of the German Federal Government (Deutsche Bundesregierung), Potsdamer Platz, August 2018

Cooperation Partners:

Deutsches Auswärtiges Amt – Deutschlandjahr 2018/2019,
iMOCA – Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art
Cat Head Press Indianapolis
U.S.-Generalkonsulat Leipzig
School of Visual Arts New York City, New York Academy of Art
Atelier für Radierung Maria und Vlado Ondrej