German Federal President Steinmeier was guest in LIA

Frank Walter Steinmeier, Elke Büdenbender, Burkhard and Ayleena Jung were special guests at the Spinnerei and talked with the LIA-artists

On Tuesday, March 26, 2019, German Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier and his wife Elke Büdenbender visited, together with Leipzig’s Mayor Burkhard Jung and his wife Ayleena Jung, the Spinnerei Leipzig, HALLE 14 and LIA.

In the LIA, the Federal President and the Mayor of the City of Leipzig took time to speak with all the current LIA artists Anastasia Warren, Bjargey Olafsdottir, Conny Karlsson Lundgren, Jordan Grant and Tuukka Haapakorpi about their experiences in Germany and to gain insights into their artistic works. During the visit, Bettina Senf, director of the Goethe-Institut Denmark and the two artists Christiane Baumgartner and Michael Triegel were also invited as guests for the roundtable.

We are grateful for this special visit and thank the Spinnerei Leipzig for the support!

Photography © Walther Le Kon