Riham Noor

Term: October – November 2019

Funded by: STAL Gallery & Deutsch-Omanische Gesellschaft





Riham Noor Al-Zadjali lives in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. With her artworks, Riham is creating neutral grounds whether addressing the world’s current issues and current collective struggles or whether addressing a certain type of mentality specific to a certain culture. She experiments with different mediums such as photography, digital media or painting.

She has co-founded the Art With Refugee initiative, a traveling exhibition of artworks by refugees and artists from around the world in support for better living conditions for refugees especially in Greece, which showcased in: Piraeus, Greece, Spain, The Grand Hyatt hotel Muscat, Oman, The Children’s Museum of Wilmington, North Carolina, The Human (Art)istic festival in Brussels, Belgium or at the Funun festival in Bremen, Germany, as part of the talk about the Refugee Village For Freedom also known as Solidarity Fields.


Art History at the American University of Paris and Fine Arts at the Paris American Academy.
Lived in London and Paris before moving back to Muscat, Oman.


•Art exhibition at the Paris American Academy as a student. (1999-2001)
•The Omani Fine Art Society 9th annual woman’s art exhibition. (2005)
•The Omani Fine Art Society 9th annual art exhibition “Evolution Art”. (2005)
•The Omani Fine Art Society art festival “Qaboos patron of peace & Oman land of civilization”. (2010)
•The second Majan fine art exhibition at Oman Cultural Club. (2013)
•The launch of “Oman Art” exhibition at the Oman Exhibition Center. (2013)
•The armed forces day “Art on Aircrafts” exhibition at the Royal Air Force of Oman Airbase. (2013)
•Stal Gallery Emerging Artists Competition (2015)
•Art With Refugees fundraiser at the Grand Hyatt, Muscat (2017)
•Oman Affordable Art Fair at Bait Albaranda Museum (2017)
•Disfiguration exhibition at Stal gallery (2018)


British Council Oman delegate to the Conversion Art Festival in London (2018)

Voluntary work:

•Volunteered at Bwejuu Charity School in Zanzibar as an Art and Arabic teacher for 1st and 10th grade of orphan and underprivileged students (2015)

•Volunteered in the refugee squats of Athens for 2 months as an art teacher for kids and translator among other things (2016)

•Volunteered as an art assistant to the blind and disabled at the empowering disability identity three day workshop (2017)

•Volunteered for an art workshop at Muscat College under The Omani Academy for special skills, teaching people with Down syndrome and people of all kinds of intellectual disabilities, training them to have professional skills and spread awareness on their need for social integration (2019)

•Volunteered to teach painting at another art workshop for the Omani Academy for special skills, again to empower people with all kinds of mental disabilities by training them to have professional skills and spread awareness on their need for social integration (2019)

Private Projects:

•Organized the “Oman 1971” exhibition photographer Bruno Barbey for the Sultanate’s 40th renaissance anniversary, in collaboration with The Empty Quarter gallery in Dubai. (2011)

•Collaborated with Tamrah fine dates and chocolatier to design limited edition Ramadan boxes as well as other boxes (2013)

•Artworks that promote environmental awareness, recycling, community activism, and tolerance for a private school that promotes all the above (2014)