Meik Brüsch

Term: August 2020 / October 2019

Nordic-Leipzig stipendiary of the Goethe-Institut

Meik Brüsch (1987) is an artist and ethnologist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He occupies himself putting one thing together with the other thing so that the next thing becomes. He likes it when blue, yellow and red have a chat, but some of their conversations doesn’t please him. He likes it when a wet lump of clay or the shape of a piece of wood whispers about previous movements and relations. He wants to interconnect just enough clues for you to forge a thought, but at the same time to dissolve cohesion. In the act of making – somewhere between interacting unruly narratives or material components and perceived wholes – He persuades a peculiar accumulation to emerge as something in itself.  Aided by the wizardry of strong colours and the quackery of pretended symmetries, he wants to herd a comfortable outer mesh that halts and underpins our perception of everything’s dilapidated misery or delicate composition – in life as well as in any object. He is fuelled by the idea, that from this onset, he sends his deliberately coincidental and gaudy artefacts, conveying ambiguous contentiousness, provisional acceptance and illusory but necessary harmonies.

Master degree in European Ethnology, University of Copenhagen
With specializations in visual anthropology, western metaphysics and urban sustainability, Graduated september, 2015

Bachelor degree in European Ethnology, University of Copenhagen
With specializations in architecture, design theory and history
Graduated june, 2011

2019 Galleri KBH-Kunst, “KBH EXIT19”. Group exhibition w. Lise Vestergaard, Kitt Buch, Peter Birk, Anders Greffelstejn, Tina Hvid, Niels Valentin. Copenhagen.
2019 Kunstmix, “Copenhagen NU”. Group exhibition w. Anna Taina-Nielsen, Daniel Goldenberg, Felix Pedersen, Finn Have, Henrik Scheel Andersen, Jacob Hoff, Marianne Markvad, Simon Bang, Simon Grimm, Matvey Slavin. Copenhagen
Villa Kultur: IKI-Masses, ”10-year anniversary event”. Installation and performance I samarbejde med vokalensemblet IKI, Kresten Osgood, Nicolaj Stoch- holm, Mike Sheridan and Imre Mark Petkov. Copenhagen.
2019 Gallery Hjort, NORTH Artfair, Aalborg
2019 Husumvold Kirke, “Kunst I kirken”. Solo exhibition + arttalks. 2019 Collaboration w. cellist Ida Riegels. Copenhagen
2019 Galleri KBH-Kunst, “Unspoiled and Civilized”. Group exhibition w. Tune Andersen, Kristina Karkov, Oscar Ray, Christina Elvira Godsk. Copenhagen.
2019 BLAA Galleri, ”Haben Sie Angst?”. Group exhibition w. Christian Gundtoft, Elena Biner. Copenhagen.
2019 The Package, ”Terra Form”. Duo-exhibition w.. Louis Gauger. Copenhagen.
2019 Galleri KBH-Kunst, ”De Vilde Knægte”. Group exhibition w. Morten Hemmingsen Sørup, Rasmus Albertsen, David Iain Brown, Simon Buch Petersen Art, Peter Birk, Thomas Plauborg Arne-Marius Skogås. Copenhagen
2019 Galleri Riga, Duo-exhibition w. Peter S. Opstrup. Copenhagen
2019 Gallery Hjort, ”Spring”. Group exhibition w. Håkon Engsæth Danielsen, Rasmus Rinhack, Jacoba Niepoort. Horsens
2018 FSC – Future Suburban Contemporary, ”Excavation”. Nano Residency and installation. Samarbejde med Louis Gauger og Jens Ivar Kjetså. Copenhagen.
2018 Hovedgalleriet i Farum Kulturhus, ”50-års jubilæumsudstilling”. Group exhibition w. Jacoba Niepoort, Sjulle Schulstad
BLAA Galleri, ”Perpetual Stew”. Solo exhibition. Copenhagen.
2018 Galleri Ratsch, Duo-exhibition w. Martin Berge. Rønne
2017 BLAA Galleri, ”Manifestation Box”. Group exhibition w. Sjulle Schulstad, Craig Martin Wood. Copenhagen.
2017 Artist Collective KKT31. Group exhibition w. Caroline Thon, Julie Clifforth
2016 BLAA Galleri, ”Meik Brüsch”, Solo exhibition. Copenhagen
2015 Institut Für Alles Mögliche. Residency og Duo-exhibition w. Austin Chaston. Berlin
2015 Dome of Visions, Group exhibition. Copenhagen
2014 Bushwick Open Studios By Petty Nobles, Group exhibition. New York City
2012 Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, ”Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling KE12”. Censored Group exhibition. Copenhagen
2012 Farum Kulturhus, Group exhibition w. Otto Dickmeiss, Mathias Malling Mortensen, Farum