Cyryl Polaczek

Supported by the City of Leipzig / Referat for International Cooperation.

Term : October 2020 – November 2020

Born 1989 in Zielona Góra, Poland, lives and works in Cracow, Poland.

It has always been difficult for him to verbalize my thoughts. Much simpler is translating them into a visual form. These most intricate thoughts he depicts on canvas. Through own symbolism and assocation he portrays confusing stories, scenes from movies, books or processes and devices that surround him in everyday life he has a vague idea how they works.

After long struggles in painting in a thick layer of paint, drawing in it, engraving and imprinting simple lines and shapes he returned to classical painting with smoothly laid stains, and glazes. He does not know how long it will take, the form of works he does often change. He tries not to attach to the style.

Next to painting which is an extremely individual activity I am involved in Potencja – artists-run space based in Cracow (PL) With other founders – Karolina Jabłońska and Tomasz Kręcicki they are curating exhibitions, making scenography, creating sculptures, objects, producting films, music, etc.


Born in Zielona Góra, Poland, 1989
Based in Cracow.

Cofounder (with Karolina Jabłońska and Tomasz Kręcicki) artist run space – Potencja Gallery.

2010-2014 study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow
2008-2010 study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk
10.2013-02.2014 Scholarship at Universität der Künste in Berlin
04.2014 APH Scholarship in New York
07.-09.2018 LIA Programme residency, Spinnerei Leipzig

2020 Przez kwarantannę zacząłem rozwijać swoje pasje. Galeria Dobro, Olsztyn
2020 Little inconvienience. Galeria Monopol, Warszawa
2018 Floundering, Potencja, Cracow
2016 Odmiany pośrednie, Galeria Zderzak, Cracow
2012 Ouueaooo, FPSW, Warsaw,

2019 Force Field, Emerging Polish Artists,Oficine 800, Venice
2019 NADA Projects Miami, Art Fairs with Potencja, Miami
2019 The artist as Muse, Gustgein Gallery, Savannah
2019 Soundcheck, Rondo Sztuki, Katowice
2019 Małposzczur, Rondo Sztuki, Katowice
2019 Funny Games, Gussglashalle, Berlin
2018 New Perspectives. Leipzig meets Cracow, Spinnerei archiv massiv, Leipzig
2018 Communications with Everything That Is / Komunikacja ze wszystkim, co jest, Fundacja Stefana Gierowskiego, Warszawa,  exhibition curated by Cyryl Polaczek and Yui Akiyama
2018 Ozimina, Widna Gallery, Cracow
2018 LifeHack, Jedna Dva Tři Gallery, Prague
2017 Szwung, Schwarz Contemporary, Berlin
2017 No problem, Galeria Potencja, Cracow
2017 „XY” New Generation Polish-Hungarian Painting, MODEM, Debrecen
2017 Seans, Galeria Szara, Katowice
2017 Potencja, Raster Gallery, Warsaw
2017 Future Perfect, Galeria Potencja, Cracow
2016 Out of sight, Out of Mind / Ojciec szklarz, matka szyba, Henryk, Cracow
2016 Interstelaż, Potencja, Cracow
2016 Apteka leków gotowych, Galeria Zderzak, Cracow
2015 42 Biennale Malarstwa Bielska Jesień, BWA Bielsko Biała
2014 From dusk till dawn, Galeria Zderzak, Cracow
2014 Any resemblance, Aacolection Gallery, Vienna, duo with Tomasz Kręcicki
2014 Ostre koło, Browar Lubicz, Cracow
2013 Parade of Progress, West Germany, Berlin