Katherine Bull

Term: August-November 2022


Katherine Bull is a Cape Town based visual artist who has also practised as a lecturer in tertiary education for over two decades. In her creative work, she is interested in the mechanisms of embodied perception through exploring immersive, dialogical and meditative processes of making. For over two decades of art making, Bull has explored her relationship to the changing technologies of information systems through bringing the digital and analogue into conversation through drawing performances, installations, print and painting.

Bull says, “Currently as we live in the midst of a Fourth Industrial Revolution, mass extinction and the shared experience of a global pandemic, I find myself asking; how do I find a grounded presence within an increasingly digital environment and in the face of heightened anxiety, grief and loss, while expanding my sensory awareness of our environment as an interconnected ecology?”

The art works from Bull’s last four exhibitions (The Pieces That Find Us, Afterimage, Drawing Breath & Second Nature) have become a place of wrestling, roaming and refuge through painting, drawing and collage within the moistmedia zone of being and becoming.