Freshwoyen Endrias Feyissa

Term: August-October 2022

Freshwoyen Endrias Feyissa (b. 1988 in Addis Ababa) is currently in her second year in fine arts and 3rd in leather goods at the Entoto Polytechnic College. Before she studied at the Zewditu Fashion Design School where she attended fashion shows and designed her own creations. In January 2016, she participated in the African Mosaique Fashion Show and she took first place in the competition. Unfortunately, shortly after this overwhelming success, a tragic stroke of fate hit Freshwoyen and her family. After that, she lost herself and depression took hold of her; for 8 months she was paralysed and even therapy failed to dispel the darkness. At this moment was when she decided to study and learn as much as possible to distract herself, keep her mind busy and fill it with other thoughts. In the end art, itself became the therapy and lit a light, which was able to shine through the mist of grief. Freshwoyen is here in Leipzig as a winner of the competition about two sister cities Leipzig and Addis Abeba. During her stay, the artist will be in charge of the project for the realisation of a sculpture of her own design on Addis Abeba Square in Leipzig.

Project Partner