Yim Yensum

Term: November 2022 – January


Yim Yensum (Malaysia) believes that creating art should not be an individual act but instead, a process that connects people together and bridges new relationships. She enjoys art that involves interaction and requires the participation of the audience to inform and perhaps complete it. Every person is an individual coming from a unique background, with a different story and experience. I try to create links between those that she has met to enhance her artwork, allowing the audience to feel like a part of her artwork. These new connections make life seem like a cell, with the ability of infinite regeneration and possibilities.

“I believe that art has the ability to affect its surroundings and vice versa, which has led to my practice showing concern toward forgotten landmarks and its individuals as a result of rapid development. In response, my works attempt to find a balance between this progressive change and the shifts within our society. I am using the sewing act to reduce my fear to face other people, at the same time bring out the change that is happening to the city”

The culture of every city will always be imprinted in its infrastructure, including its building, crafts and the physiology of its inhabitants. The characteristics become one with us. This means that the existence of traditions and modernity within a culture becomes the essence of a city. However, the rise of a generation inevitable comes with the demise of another, and as a new era begins it is sustained by the nourishment provided by the history of its predecessors. The growth of a city depends on and is informed by its history.

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