Adam Michálek

Term: February-April 2024

Adam Michálek is a Czech-based artist working and studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. In his work, he uses varying media based on the project, whether performance, installation, photography, text, or garments and clothing. 

He has long explored performance art and its ways of communicating the artist’s desires to the public through performing alone, in duos, and in groups, from 5-minute performances to 7-day performances, performing for the artist community or the general public, performing naked, in costume, or disguise. This carnal attitude translates to his works in other mediums: the spectator feels the artist’s presence even when he is long gone. 

The artist’s “coming-of-age” cowboy saga themes are an ongoing reflection of his early life in Texas, USA. They explore topics such as gender, technological binarity, societal acceptance, and mental health. The artist often incorporates technology and animals as elements that are more than human in his works. These themes are also present in other works, and the artist uses them to discuss various topics. Michálek’s current focus is the central planet, situated within his visual language universe, which is recurrent in his other works.

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