Mahmoud Talaat

Term: February 2024

Through the addition of photography and drawing to my paintings, I create dimensional scenes that explore conceptual, ambiguous, and explicit spaces. 

My creative practice and daily experiences are intertwined. My mind is constantly preoccupied with questions about how to convert an experience into art. This thinking allows me to explore my feelings towards an incident and see how it affects my palette choice and final artwork. 

The process also highlights the role that the subconscious mind plays in the creation of artwork, as well as the role of one’s roots and origins. I often find myself searching for meaning in old family photographs—discoveries that are at risk of being forgotten amidst a constantly changing world. The rapid modernization of the city of Cairo significantly impacts my productivity due to the feeling of loss within familiar spaces. The destruction of green spaces in Cairo contributes to my sense of disconnection from nature in my home. 

Paintings and photographs have become, to me, an embodiment of emotions. The brush and camera have become tools to visually express known and unknown emotions. 

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