Simone Albers

Simone Albers (Nijmegen, 1990) makes paintings and installations reflecting on the natural world and the way we relate to her. Natural sciences like palaeontology, astronomy and microbiology play a key part in her research as tools to open up hidden realms beyond the directly visible. The second main field important in her work is philosophy. Weaving together insights and images produced by the natural sciences with philosophical reflections, she proposes alternative cosmologies that center the complexity of natural systems, dismissing objectification and reductionism of natural phenomena and ultimately challenging the anthropocentric worldview.

Simone Albers studied Fine Art at ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem (NL). Her work has been shown throughout the Netherlands and abroad in solo and group presentations as well as on different art fairs. In 2019 her work got nominated for the Dutch Royal Award for Modern Painting and in 2022 she won the Sieger White Award, on the occasion of which her book Myriad Ways of Being ~ Being of Myriad Ways appeared at Jap Sam Books end of 2023. Her work can be found in the collections of the Province of Gelderland, Menzis health insurance and Delft University of Technology, among others.

Exhibition overview Prima Materia, 2023, Kunstenlab Deventer (NL)

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