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Tuan Mami Term: May – July 2022 As an interdisciplinary-experimental artist, he constantly explore new mediums and methods of expressions, he had discovered meditative experimentations with installation, video, performance and conceptual art. Recently, he had begun to explore formality of performative…Continue readingTuan Mami

Mai Nguyen Thi Thanh Term: May – July 2022 Art is a tool for her to observe and investigate herself. She began with the very first questions concerning gender, body, the role of women in society, and then her perspectives and observations have…Continue readingMai Nguyen Thi Thanh

Thu Myat

@thu_myat_aung Term: May – July 2022 Born in 1986 in Yangon, Thu Myat has a B.A. in Business Management as well as a Diploma in Multimedia. He is the co-founder of Plus Ka Gyia company that specializes in graphic design.…Continue readingThu Myat

Wunna Aung

@artist_wunna_aung Term: May – July 2022 Wunna Aung (b.1978) was born in Yangon, Wunna Aung has lived all his life in the capital. Creativity for Wunna is an act of crossing aesthetic and cultural frontiers and genres. In other words,…Continue readingWunna Aung

Hemali Khoosal

Tern: April – 2022 Hemali Khoosal, from Johannesburg (South Africa), is a socially engaged artist and researcher. Hemali works across multiple disciplines, including video, installation, and printmaking, amongst others.She enjoys exploring how humans perceive themselves in relation to others. Her work…Continue readingHemali Khoosal

Tzung-Hui Lauren Lee

Term: February-May 2022 Tzung-Hui Lauren Lee (b. 1998, Johannesburg) is a South African Chinese artist and a recent graduate of the BA Fine Art programme at the Wits School of Arts in Johannesburg. Her installation-based practice is embedded in processes…Continue readingTzung-Hui Lauren Lee

Roxy Kaczmarek

Term: February-May 2022 Roxy Kaczmarek’s paintings and prints focus on the sensibilities and relationship between people and nature. She has developed a fascination with the separation and closeness of the natural world created within our lived environments and our attempts…Continue readingRoxy Kaczmarek

Xhanti Zwelendaba

Term: February-May 2022 Xhanti Zwelendaba is a multi-disciplinary artist working in a diverse range of mediums such as sculpting, print-making, installation, performance art and video art. Zwelendaba’s work deals primarily with the complexities and tensions surrounding Xhosa culture and the…Continue readingXhanti Zwelendaba

Max Kornfield

Term: February-August 2022 Max Kornfield (b. 1997, California, USA) is a queer artist and curator. They recently graduated with a BFA from the School of Visual Arts, NYC. Their current work uses oil paint to explore interconnection through bodily imagery…Continue readingMax Kornfield