Antonia Wright

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Antonia Wright uses her own body as a template from which to examine a host of issues relating to the human condition. As a conceptual and performance artist, she creates strong visual contexts to manipulate perception. In the videos _Are you OK?_ the artist cries on various street corners in the cities of Miami, New York, Paris, and Havana and captures the responses of those passing by. The viewer follows patiently, hoping for an interactive resolution. The artist makes social structures visible. In her performance, “Be”, Wright covered herself in in 15,000 honeybees while practicing the movements of Tai Chi. The performance speaks to the ability to remain peaceful in the face of danger. Her artwork demonstrates the negotiations of dichotomies- danger and vulnerability, calmness and violence, and ultimately beauty and destruction.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2015 Video: Poems, The Screening Room, Miami (US)
2015 Florida Prize in Contemporary Art, Orlando Museum of Art (US)
2014 Concerning Belonging, Museum of Art, Ft. Lauderdale (US)
2014 You Make Me Sick: I Love You, Spinello Projects, Miami (US)
2014 Suddenly We Jumped, Luis de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles (US)
2013 State of the Book, Spinello Projects, Miami (US)
2013 Be, Luis de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles (US)
2013 Copyright Infringement, Elsewhere Museum, Greensboro (US)
2012 Trading Places II, MOCA, N. Miami (US)
2012 Love on an Escalator, Art and Culture Center, Hollywood (US)
2011 Where All of Your Dreams Come True, The Mosquera Collection, Miami (US)
2011 Are You OK?, Spinello Projects, Miami (US)
2010 A Great Disorder is An Order, 777 Gallery, Miami (US)
2009 At The Ventanita, Salon Adelphi VI, Brooklyn (US)
2007 Free Air, Salon Adelphi III, Brooklyn (US)
2006 The Keys Project, Wythe Alternative Art Space, Brooklyn (US)
2006 The Keys Project, The Moksha Family Arts Collective, Miami (US)

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 Full Moon, Spinello Projects, Miami (US)
2015 Projector Unicorn, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn (US)
2015 Future Fossils, DUTTON, New York (US)
2015 Ping Pong, Projektraum M54, Basel (CH)
2015 Auto Body, Faena Arts Center, Buenos Aires (AR)
2015 Dialogues in Cuban Art, Casa de las Americas, Havana (CU)
2015 Poetry Pirates, in collaboration with O, Miami, performance on the Miami River (US)
2014 Auto Body, Spinello Projects, Miami (US)
2014 Ping Pong, Alfred I. Dupont Building, Miami (US)
2014 The Remarkable Lightness of Being, Aeroplastics, Brussels (BE)
2014 Thirty Years on the Road, Art Center South Florida, Miami (US)
2014 Ping Pong, Projektraum M54, Basel (CH)
2014 Between You and Me, Vanity Projects, New York (US)
2014 Plastic(o) Fantastic(o), Central Bank of the Bahamas, Nassau (BS)
2014 Transforming Spaces, National Gallery of Art (NAGB), Nassau (BS)
2014 Full House, Aeroplastics, Brussels (BE)
2013 Suddenly We Jumped, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami (US)
2013 Deep Water Horizon, Site95, Hillyer Art Space, Washington, D.C. (US)
2013 O Fim, Rua Piratininga 36, Rio de Janeiro (BR)
2013 CLOSER, Spinello Projects, Miami (US)
2012 Inside the Moment, Crane Art Space, Philadelphia (US)
2012 Perfect Lovers, a Frieze Special Project, White Box Gallery, New York (US)
2012 Job Creation in a Bad Economy, Fountain Art Fair, 68th Regiment Armory, NY (US)
2012 Fireflies, Areoplastics, Brussels (BE)
2012 New Exhibition, The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse, Miami (US)
2012 Deep Water Horizon, The Sagamore Hotel, Miami Beach (US)
2011 Job Creation in a Bad Economy, The Wynwood Art Fair, Miami (US)
2011 MOCA Optic Nerve XIII Finalists, The De la Cruz Collection, Miami (US)
2011 MOCA Optic Nerve XIII Finalist, MOCA, N. Miami (US)
2011 The Martin Hadley Fisher Collection: Syntax, Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa (US)
2011 Base Paint, Cite Soleil, Haiti, L’Athletique d’Haiti (HT)
2011 Art and Culture Center of Hollywood’s (Florida) Fifth All Media Juried Biennial, Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Hollywood (US)
2011 Obstacle, The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn (US)
2011 Aesthetics and Values Exhibition, Frost Museum at FIU, Miami (US)
2010 Base Paint, travelling tents painted by international artists for children in Haiti, Frost Museum at FIU, Arte America Fair, Epic Hotel, Miami (US)
2010 Little Sister Art Fair, Spinello Gallery, Miami (US)
2010 Heart Happening, The Margulies Collection at the WAREhOUSE, Miami (US)
2010 Slideluck Potshow, Mau Mau, Barcelona (ES)
2010 Pressure/Release, Pool Art Fair, Gershwin Hotel, New York (US)
2009 I’m Starting to Realize Sleep is a Metaphor for Everything, Sleepless Nights Art Festival, Miami Beach (US)
2009 At The Ventanita, Salon Adelphi VI, Brooklyn (US)
2009 Hope Blossoms, The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse, Miami (US)
2009 The Nature of Things, The Cisneros Foundation, Miami (US)
2009 The Nature of Things Clyde Butcher and Antonia Wright, Renee Gallery, Miami (US)
2008 The Annual Art Under the Bridge Festival, D.U.M.B.O. Art Center, Brooklyn (US)
2008 You Make Me Sick, Envoy Gallery, New York (US)
2008 Slideluck Potshow XII, McCarren Park Pool, Brooklyn (US)
2008 Reflect, International Center of Photography Gallery, New York (US)
2008 Brooks School Alumni Show, Henry Luce III Library, North Andover (US)

2015 Pioneer Works, Brooklyn (US)
2015 Plastic(o) Fantastic(o), Rio de Janeiro (BR)
2014 Performing Arts Forum (PAF), St. Erme (FR)
2013 Plastic(o) Fantastic(o), New Providence (BS)
2013 8550 Harold Arts, Chersterhill (US)
2012 The Lotus House Women’s Shelter, Overtown (US)
2010 Elsewhere Residency Program, Greensboro (US)
2009 Art Center/ South Florida, Miami Beach (US)

2008 International Center of Photography, New York (US)
2005 Masters in Fine Arts, Creative Writing, Poetry. Thesis: Poetry and Performance Art, New School University, New York (US)
2002 Bachelor of Arts, English. Emphasis Creative Writing and Literature, University of Montana, Missoula (US)