Julia Santoli

Photo: Jin-Hee Kwak

Julia Santoli threads image, gesture, and aural experience: navigating memory and presence through the ghost-nature of sound. Her explorations take the form of improvisatory vocal performance and movement-generated audio feedback, sonic installation, video, and prints. She completed her BFA in Visual and Critical Studies from the School of Visual Arts, and has presented performative and visual work throughout the U.S. She lives and works in New York.

Dec 2015 “Desire&Disaster”, Local Project Art Space, QNS, NY

Oct 2015 q (elegy), GRACE Exhibition Space, BK, NY

Sept 2015 vocal interpretation of Helga Fassonaki’s 8 Pillars – a free score, Disjecta, Portland, OR

Sep 2015 a subterranean performance with Yek Koo, “Between Night (Briefly),” Widow Jane Mine cave, Rosendale, NY

Sep 2015 funes, SUBSONIC EMISSIONS, Torus Porta, BK, NY

Jun 2015 treading oceans, “On Taking Photographs,” 18-28 Troutman St., BK, NY

Jun 2015 SEREY, performed at & live-streamed via “STROBE Network”, Flux Factory, QNS, NY

May 2015 Ende Tymes V: Festival of Noise and Abstract Liberation, Knockdown Center, QNS, NY

May 2015 Vanishing Act video, “Reply All: VCS Open Studios”, SVA, NY, NY

Mar 2015 Vanishing Points silkscreen on paper, “Drrt,” SVA Flatiron Gallery, NY, NY

Jan 2015 Resonant Body performance and video, “Carnivalesque” SVA Flatiron Gallery NY, NY

Aug 2013 Ode to the Muses video, “Handy Minds” Michael Mut Gallery NY, NY

Julia Santoli on Vimeo