Martin Daiber

Martín Daiber lives and Works in Santiago de Chile. His work is usually developed through series of Works, exploring in each series with new materials or a different way to use painting. Since 2003 he had participated in several group and solo exhibitions.

“I’m much interested in paintings that experiment with chaos, works that contain or present an enigma. I see my work as an accumulation of residue from the act of painting. This residue is the product of an imaginary constituted from experiences, where references and multiple focuses of inspiration can range from the sublime to the trivial; an holistic dimension in painting. They are ideas and decisions that overlap; they corrupt and mutilate each other to reach a final common place. A final place that I can only sense but never surely know, because it is intangible, it is a floating image which essence I can perceive and it only becomes real at the same time it becomes the physical work of art itself.”

2003 BA Fine Arts, Universidad Católica de Chile

Solo Exhibitions
2016 “Desentierros” in XS gallery, Santiago, Chile
2015 “Expediciones” in Sagrada Mercancía gallery, Santiago, Chile
2013 “El Horizonte de Los Sucesos” in MM2 gallery, Santiago, Chile
2011 “El impulso Ninja”, in Espacio Opening gallery, Santiago, Chile
2009 “Tagadá”, in Centre Cívic Convent de Sant Agustí, Valencia, Spain
2008 “De Ida y Vuelta” in MOTO gallery,Santiago, Chile
2005 “Kazulet” in Posada del Corregidor gallery, Santiago, Chile
2003 “The inner sound” in Campus Lo Contador from Universidad Católica de Chile. Santiago, Chile

Group Exhibitions
2014-15 Joint exhibition with Alejandro Palacios ¨PIO¨ in Montecarmelo gallery, Santiago, Chile
2012 “Astigmatismo”, in A2 gallery, Santiago, Chile
2010 Joint exhibition “SAFARI” with José Calman in PAX gallery, Santiago, Chile
2009 “Sala Muralla” IVAM, Barcelona, Spain
“Solsticio 2009” curated for the centre of art and contemporary thought TPK in “Sala Tecla”, Valencia, Spain
2002 “Alto” in Alta gallery, Santiago, Chile
2004 Joint exhibition “Time Murders” with Alejandro Palacios, in CAVS (centre for visual arts of Santiago), Santiago, Chile.

Projects & Awards
2009 Script, direction and camera for feature film “Travesía”, Valencia, Spain
2009 Work shop in art centre “Imerge” and group exhibition, Porto, Portugal
2009 Third place in painting contest from Bancaja foundation and IVAM (Valencia institute modern art)
2005 Script, drection and camera for feature film “El Beisbolista”, Santiago, Chile

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