“Ozländer” at Lindenow #13

Group Show during the Lindenow #13 festival of independent art-spaces Leipzig

Friday, 6th October, 7-11pm
Saturday, 7th October, 3-8pm
Sunday, 8th Ocotober, 3-6pm

“Trafo” – former power distribution station in building 16 at Spinnerei, next to art center HALLE 14

Three Ozzie – or Australian- artists, Janice Gobey, Alison Kennedy and Katya Petetskaya, originally from South Africa, Scotland and Russia, meet in LIA Leipzig International Art Programme at Spinnerei Leipzig.

In their common exhibition “Ozländer” they will show how this city, its history, myths, built and natural environments have impacted upon their practices. Working in painting, installation and digital media, the artists will document this transformational experience and how it affects their relationship to the subject matter of their works – myth making, glitches in technology and media and post-human landscapes.

The exhibition will take place in the Trafo building at Spinnerei Leipzig. The building was previously used as the facotry’s switchgear building that distributed the energy for the entire cotton spinning mill. In the early period around 1900 , all power cables were spread from a steam engine that was located at the nowadays locations of Galerie Eigen+Art and Galerie Jochen Hempel. After the closedown of the factory the transformation station was not in use anymore and stayed empty – only some original built-in components remained and are still visible.
In 2012 the building’s external walls became part of an artproject of Russian artist Avdei Ter-Oganian in the framework of HALLE 14’s group exhibition “With Criminal Energy”. One year later, in 2013, the in-cabin room of this transformation station was used as one of ten exhibition spots within the international art project “Space Lab”, curated by Kristina Semenova and Olga Vostretsova. In this way the shortly called“Trafo” building has been used for for transformation of energy – mechanical, electric as well as artistic.

Janice Gobey

Born in South Africa, based in Melbourne. Gobey is interested in connecting with the viewer: Giving them the opportunity to sense the emotions of the human and animal subjects in her paintings and to feel the tactile qualities of fur and drapery. The artist is experimenting with creating empathy in paint.

Alison Kennedy

Born in Scotland, based In Melbourne. Kennedy has been exploring the relationship between art, technology and philosophy. The artist consistently experiments in her art practice in order to prevent taking her particular experience of the world for granted. The artist works with digital painting, photography and collages. The work she is currently doing concentrates on the significance of the glitch and how this mediates our interaction with technology.

Katya Petetskaya

Born in Russia, lives and work in Sydney. Peterskaya is a visual artist working predominantly in painting and visual art performance. She combines the language and materials of landscape painting, while disrupting traditional readings of this genre. The artist creates her paintings in digital plein air using a bright colour palette. She explores alternative forms of knowledge that go beyond thought, to understand the co-relation between body and reality.