Luisi Mera

Term: June – July 2018

Stipendiary of the NYAA


Luisiana Mera was born in the Republic of Panama, currently lives and works in New York City. Luisiana Mera’s last exhibition featured delicately rendered charcoal drawings based on images sent to Mera via iPhone from relatives in her native Panama. Through exquisite technique, dramatic lighting and gridded and cropped theatrical spaces, Mera re-frames baroque pictorial conventions to deploy a personal and contemporary narrative, creating work that is tactile, velvety and dreamlike. “We experience the world largely through today’s technologies, images that are edited and composed by others on screens and in print. What can be lost is the pre-edited, individual, personal experience,” said Mera. “The sensual quality of the charcoal medium makes it possible to convey an immediate physical experience from these detached images.”