Maja Gade Christensen

Term: October 2018 – January 2019

“Nordic-Leipzig” Stipendiary of the Goethe-Institut


Born 1982 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Lives and work in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In my art practice I am interested in geology and minerals, how erosion effects the environment and landscape by breaking down and moving material. Water is a powerful force of erosion, recreation of landscapes and the movement of materials. I want to explore the ability of water and its connection to erosion and movement. I’m fascinated by the patterns and structures a mix of soil and water can leave behind on a piece of paper when the water dries out. I would like to experiment with processes of decay as well as the dissolving of minerals in water.


Jutland Academy for fine Arts (2004-2009)

Upcoming project

2018: Kooiduinen Project, Buren, Ameland, Netherlands
2018-2019: Residency, LIA Leipzig International Art Programme, Germany
2019: LIA Group Show, Leipzig, Germany

Solo and duo exhibitions

2018: Hvert korn er en farve, with Madelaine Sillfors, Nordisk Ministerråd, Copenhagen, Denmark
2016: From Dark to Bright Matter, Galleri CC, Malmo, Sweden.
2016: Colour mapping of stones -Mors, Fossil- og Molermuseet, Land-Shape, Denmark
2014: Colour mapping of stones -Iceland, Freysnes, Iceland
2008: Billedhugger og liggende model, 77m3-room for contemporary art, Århus, Denmark
2007: Skønheden og dystopien, with Jonas Palm, Splab by Jutland Art Academi, Århus, Denmark
2007: Terrortrusser, in Collaboration with Camilla Helsted-Bornæs, Q, Copenhagen, Denmark
2007: Terrortrusser, in Collaboration with Camilla Helsted-Bornæs, Artboks, Århus, Denmark

Selected exhibitions

2018: Die Freie Variable, Schimmel Projects Art Centre Dresden, Germany
2018: Location Fuck Me, Den nordiske ambassade, Copenhagen, Denmark
2017: LANDART I KLINT KALKBRUD, Odsherred, Denmark
2017: Tunnelsyn, Detroit, Stockholm, Sweden
2017: Switch, HilbertRaum, Berlin, Germany
2016: represented by Galleri CC at; SUPERMARKET Independent Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden
2015: LOOP – A video art marathon, Galleri CC, Malmo, Sweden
2015: Colour mapping of stones -Hanstholm, Land-Shape -Land Art festival, Hanstholm, Denmark
2015: 4th Anniversary Show, NOoSPHERE Arts, New York City, USA
2014: Ena eller andra sidan/Ene eller anden side, OK Corral, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013: The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog III, arranged by C4, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013: Vinter, The KFUK college in Copenhagen, Denmark
2011: Triphh, Galleri Kyhl, Århus, Denmark
2010: Interference, Art Festival at Cerés in Århus, Denmark
2009: The Wonderful, Kunst Pakhuset, Ikast, Denmark
2009: Afg.09, Graduation show from Jutland Academy for fine Arts, Århus Kunstbygning, Århus, Denmark
2007: Machine Raum, Biennale for video art and digital culture, Vejle Art Museum, Vejle, Denmark
2007: Manifest, Århus Kunstbygning, Århus, Denmark
2006: Fem fri rum, Århus Main Library, Århus, Denmark
2005: Randers pro-art, Randers Art Museum, Randers, Denmark
2005: Projekt 9210, Aalborg Lærerseminarium, Aalborg, Denmark
2004: Lys i natten, Studenterhuset i Århus, Denmark

Curatorial work

2018: Location Fuck Me, Den nordiske ambassade, Copenhagen, Denmark
2017: Tunnelvision, Sara Willemoes Thomsen, Galleri CC, Malmö, Sweden
2014: TESTER TESTER, collaboration between OK Corral, C4 og NLH Space, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014: Ena eller andra sidan/Ene eller anden side, in collaboration with Clara J:son Borg, OK Corral, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014: OK Corral, SUPERMARKET Independent Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden


2016: Kunst i naturen, released by LAND-SHAPE under KulturKANten
2015: LAND SHAPE LAND ART FESTIVAL 2015, released by Land Art North Denmark KulturKANten
2013: Vinter, released by *[asterisk]
2005: Pro-Art, released by moldeQ, Randers Kunstforening, Randers Begivenhedssekretariat
2004: Redaktion, released by Jutland Art Academy

Grands, prizes and residencies

2018: Residency Grant, Danish Art Foundation
2018: Goethe-Institut, Three-Month work stay Grant
2018: TækkerAirBerlin, artist in Residency, Berlin, Germany
2015: Artist homepage grand, Danish Art Foundation
2014: Open call winner of Land-Shape, North Jutland, Denmark


2014: Grid Within a Circle, Byens Hegn, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013: Christiania Smedien, Copenhagen, Denmark

Studio and association work

2016-: Member of Gallery CC, Malmo, Sweden
2013-2015: OK Corral, studio space and active member and co-organizer at the exhibition room


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