LIA at cultural delegation tour in Japan

In November2019,  Anna-Louise Rolland (LIA Director) was invited to join a cultural delegation to Japan by the Japan Foundation and Ishibashi Foundation. The curatorial journey included the Setouchi Triennale at Naoshima and Teshima Island as well as Museum visits in Tokyo, Takashima, Kyoto, Mito and Chiba as well as Japanese artist presentations.

During this time Anna-Louise Rolland also did a studio visit at former LIA resident Aika Furukawa in Tokyo.

Cordially thanks to the Ishibashi Foundation and Japan Foundation having invited Anna-Louise Rolland to a curatorial journey throughout Japan.

From right to left Marianne Dobner (MUMOK), Cathrin Mayer (KW Institut), Heike Eipeldauer (Leopold Museum), Daniel Milnes (Hamburger Bahnhof), Franziska Stoehr (Pinakothek der Moderne), Anna-Louise Rolland (LIA) and Daisuke Harada (Japan Foundation) at Naoshima Island (Benesse Art Site).
b.s.f.r.t.l. Tsuyoshi Hisakado and Yuichiro Tamura
f.s.f.r.t.l. Marianne Dobner, Anna-Louise Rolland and Cathrin Mayer

Former LIA artists Mai Yamashita and Naoto Kobayashi

Guided Tour at Art Tower Mito Contemporary Art Center by Yu Takehisa and Ouko Goto

International studio visit at former LIA resident Aika Furukawa in Tokyo Anna-Louise Rolland