RESONATE , March 7th 2021

Announcing the new online concert series, Resonate, which combines music with visual art, and encourages online interaction between performers and audience


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The new online concert series Resonate is a collaboration between Musicians of the Gewandhaus Orchestra, the Leipzig International Art Programme (LIA) and the Goethe Institute Thailand. The founder of Resonate, Tahlia Petrosian, describes this innovative format as “exploring both the interaction between music and art and the potential for engagement between performers and audiences in the digital sphere”. A special focus of Resonate is online interaction between performers and audience.
The first concert was streamed on Sunday, March 7, 2021, at 2pm CET. The link to the stream will be published shortly. The date of a subsequent streaming of this concert will also be announced shortly.
Resonate presents collaborations between Musicians of the Gewandhaus Orchestra and artists from the Leipzig International Artists Programme (LIA). During each Resonate concert, the guest LIA artist creates an artwork in real time as a visual response to the live music performance. Filmed in the historic Moritzbastei underground club in Leipzig, each 45-minute concert presents a unique opportunity to experience the creative process close-up. Resonate concerts are streamed shortly after filming to enable the performers to be online during streaming. While watching the concert, the audience can interact with them directly through an online chatbox.

Anna-Louise Rolland, states, “at LIA, we believe that moving outside of our comfort zone leads to new perspectives opening up. International visual artists working together with professional musicians fits perfectly into this philosophy and this type of collaboration leads to new approaches being developed and new kinds of artistic exchanges taking place”.

Resonate Opus 1: Harit Srikhao x Musicians of the Gewandhaus Orchestra
For the opening Resonate concert on Sunday, March 7, 2021, artist Harit Srikhao, from Thailand, collaborates with Swedish dancer and choreographer, Clara Sjölin. In their visual response to the live music performance, they will examine the fragility of power and the human body. The theme of light, the art of movement and costume design are all central to Harit Srikhao’s artistic practice, and these elements provide the basis for his approach to this collaboration. In the aftermath this concert will start an educational initiative in Bangkok at the Goethe-Institut.

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