Involution is the first LIA online exhibition. Please scan the code and gaze inside the individual studio spaces meeting the artists. Enjoy!

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Involution is a word possessing multiple definitions, however in this case the definition most concerned with the thematics of this exhibition holds that – ‘involution favours a coevolution of organisms that act not on competitive pressures but on affective relations’, – an effect also clearly felt in a space such as an artist residency.
In this catalogue we find the landscapes of Nicolò Brezza, the indoor family portraits of Maria Vaschuck, Haryo Hutomo’s project in which he traces the flow of food from south to north, Harit Srikhao’s photography project concerning the Transparent Man, Abdallah Karkuot’s paintings which bring the spectator on a journey from the lights of the Middle East to those of Scandinavia, Cyryl Polaczek’s thought-provoking surrealist scenes and Michelle Eistrup’s audio work Amnesia, an intimate text about colonialism in which the artist emphasizes the importance of remembering ones history. Furthermore in this catalogue we can watch Martyna Kielinska’s video performance Sad Box Theory detailing emotional reactions describedby gestures of common use and the prologue to Loes Heebink’s poetic video project Sky Kisses Earth, full of metaphors about the various connections between humans and nature.
The nine artists featured in this catalogue have now spent months together, living, learning and working side by side. This closeness allowed them to open up various dialogues with each other, not only through the medium of artistic expression but also through everyday activities such as the sharing of food, sport and daily life, thus encouraging new ways of thinking and of being with each other. People, like roots, grow connected, entangled, and if they live and work together something similar may transpire with their art. Despite their differences these artists have a common tendency to search for connections both inside and outside their work.