Alison Kennedy wins the Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award

On Friday night, 28th of May 2021 Alison Kennedy , a LIA Alumni, was awarded the Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award 21. She was introduced to the potential of fine hand printing when on a residency at LIA and has combined these techniques with technological languages for this prize winning work.This is Australia’s richest and arguably most prominent print prize.

On 28 May 2021 Alison Kennedy won the 45th Fremantle Art Centre Print Award, Australia’s richest and arguably most prominent print prize. Her work is I.C.U (2019) White ink screen print on 30 industrial polyacrylic panels overall dimensions 240 x 300cm.
I.C.U (2019) valorises the female artist in her studio and is part of my overarching concern with expressing women’s work through meshing technology with printmaking. The latter is crucial as it is through this refined laborious process that woman’s work is expressed as both method and subject. It is important in my practice that technology acknowledges and represents the role of the human body in perceiving and creating the world.
I’m here at work in my studio, transforming myself, through scanning,into a 3d model. My image, altered by a technology pushed to breaking point and amplified refined and clarified by print making show the fineness of the orthogonal individual white specks, and pixely variations. The large scale valorises hidden labour of the underrepresented – the technological obfuscations both blind and reveal. Who exactly sees who?

Alison is a recent graduate of University of Melbourne, (MFA First class honours) where she was awarded the Fiona Myer Award. Her work is multidisciplinary and combines technology with fine hand printing techniques.

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