Harry Markusse

Term: June-July 2021

My work is abstract and fundamentally minimalistic by nature and is characterized by experimental studies in color, form and movement. I work in series, with a distinct basic concept at the foundation of each set. Subsequently, I discover on the canvas how challenges are overcome and choices for artistic solutions are found, within the boundaries of the original concept. By mirroring, tilting, moving, repeating, and partly repainting shapes, a layered image with often powerful (though sometimes subtle) contrasts in color arise. Herein, I seek harmony between shape/residual form, foreground/background, movement/countermovement, and flat/spacious. During the process of painting, I combine wall paintings with existing paintings, and paintings with screen prints and other graphic pieces. This leads to a question as to what a painting is; what the limits to a painting are and what a painting could be. Cutting, folding, reusing and positioning canvasses in a certain way can transform paintings to objects. This operation of reselecting and rearranging shape and color, both within the painting and within the selection of composite elements, is central to the eventual look and necessity of the painting. 

Harry Markusse, 2021

Selected Exhibitions

2019 Pick Me! WLA – Collectie de Groen. (Arnhem)
2019 PS 1999 – 2019, PS-Projectspace. (Amsterdam)
2019 Take Away, Galerie Dudok de Groot. (Amsterdam)
2019 A Good Work Will Work, Nieuwe Vide. (Haarlem)
2019 Common Ground 2, Akzo Nobel Art Space. (Amsterdam)
2019 We Like Art X Frozen Fountain (Amsterdam)
2019 Art Rotterdam with Gallery van den Berge (Goes)
2019 Nine to five. PHK18 ( Rotterdam)
2019 kunstRai Gallery van der Berge (Goes)
2019 KunstRai Amsterdam (Duo show with Frode bolhuis) Gallery Bart (Amsterdam)
2019 We wonder where the white went, Arti et Amicitiae (Amsterdam) 
2018 First Show Off, Show Off Gallery (Rotterdam)
2018 Summer Jam, a painting show, W139 (Amsterdam)
2018 Summer Show, Gallery With Tsjalling. (Groningen)
2018 MOAM x Concertgebouw. (Amsterdam)
2018 New Paintings, ACEC. (Apeldoorn)
2018 Club Gem. (Rotterdam)
2018 NORTHENERS!, Provincie huis. (Haarlem)
2018 NO/TIME, Willem Twee kunstruimte. (Den Bosch)
2018 Art Rotterdam , Gallery van der Berge. ( Rotterdam)
2018 Prospect & Concepts Art Rotterdam, Mondriaan Fund. (Rotterdam)
2017 Secret postcard sale, We Like Art. (Amsterdam)
2017 PAN Amsterdam, Gallery Bart. (Amsterdam)
2017 Castellum Aqvae, Studio Onvervalst. (Bloemendaal)
2017 Objectives, Gallery With Tsjalling. ( Groningen)
2017 Summershow, Francis Boeske Projects & Nieuw Dakota. (Amsterdam)
2017  Stock exhibition, gallery Bart. ( Nijmegen)
2017  Kunstrai. (Amsterdam)
2017  Spring Propositions, SBK. (Amsterdam)
2017 Recent work, Gallery van den Berge. (Goes)
2017 Spring of Drawings, Gallery Helder. ( The Hague ) 
2017 Editions & Multiples, We Like Art, Art Rotterdam. (Rotterdam)
2016 Art The Hague. (The Hague)
2016 Club Gem. (Rotterdam)
2016  Point of View Gallery bart (Amsterdam)
2016 Summer Show Gallery Bart (Nijmegen)
2016 We Like Art. Lust For Life, Painting Today (Amsterdam)
2016 Rotterdam Contemporary Art fair
2016 Bekroond, WTC Gallery (The Hague)
2015-2016 The Space Between, Gallery Helder (The Hague)
2015 The Fantastic Expedition of Painting. Curated by K09 Groningen.
2015 Royal Award for Modern Painting (Nomination)
2015 Art The Hague, Gallery Helder
2015 Amsterdam Drawing. PS-Projectspace (Amsterdam)
2015 Summershow. PS-Projectspace (Amsterdam)
2015 KunstRAI (Amsterdam)
2015 Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair (Rotterdam)
2014 Meeting point. Group exhibition at Gallery Helder (The Hague)
2014 Rhythm is a shape, rhythm is a beat. Group exhibition at gallery Bart (Amsterdam)
2014 Group exhibition in the public library of Groningen. (Groningen)
2014 Grasso (Barcelona, Spain)
2014 Duo show with Jochem Rotteveel. Gallery Bart (Nijmegen)
2013 Inside out. Outside in. Museum Belvedere (Heerenveen)
2013 Ernstig geschikt. Circa…Dit (Arnhem)
2013 Best graduate show. Gallery Ron Mandos ( Amsterdam)
2013 Graduation exhibition Minerva (Groningen)