Künstler / innenresidenz: Social Movements and organisations

“Female power – About accessibility of the art and educational sector in an intercultural perspective”

LIA resident artist from Ukraine Uliana Bychenkova will have an artist talk at the Albertina library.

Thursday, 28.10.2021
artistic intervention and panel discussion
6-9 pmUniversity Library Albertina
Beethovenstraße, lecture hall


Veronika Witte (artistic director Galerie Nord & Kunstverein Tiergarten)
Dr. Harald Homann (Institute for Cultural Studies University of Leipzig) Ramona Schacht (artist Leipzig)
Uliana Bychenkova (artist Kiew)


Anna-Louise Rolland (founder & director LIA- Leipzig International Art

Uliana Bychenkova was selected by a transnational jury composed in occasion of the 60th anniversary partnership between Leipzig and Kiew. The talk will consist on a focus on the project “Social Movements and organisations”, which deals with the historical and contemporary women’s movements in Leipzig.

10 years ago the 10 square meter large pencil drawing by Ukrainian artists Lada Nakonechna “Perspective” was opened in the main reading room of the university library Albertina. The 50th jubilee of the sister city partnership between Kiew and Leipzig was celebrated in the meantime as well as a panel discussion took place about accessibility to art and education also focusing on the disappearance of public space from a scientific view point. How can the situation be judged ten years after? Are there changes which took place? From an intercultural perspective a focus on the female artist should be focused on and their access to the educational and artistic sector.

Leipzig was an important center for the emergence of new forms of political associations and organizations in the 19th century. It is well known that the first nationwide women’s association – the General German Women’s Association – 1865 by Louise Otto-Peters, Auguste Schmidt and Henriette Goldschmidt was founded in Leipzig ; however, there is little information about the time before that significant foundation of the association. “A new movement: re * mapping Leipzig” is a Project that deals with the history, present and (in) visibility of the Women * movements as well as FLINTA * stories (“women, lesbians, inter-, non-binary, trans and agender “people) in Leipzig.

The project was initiated by the International Cooperation Department of the City of Leipzig in Cooperation with the German Cultural Center Goethe-Institut in Ukraine (Kiev) initiated. The partners in Leipzig are LIA – Leipzig International Art Program and Бükü – the Bureau of Cultural Translations, in Kiev – Open Place and the Method Fund (Kiev). The residency program is part of the “Sibling Dreams” discussion platform, which is held in As part of the “Culture for Change” program by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (Kiev) and the foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility, Future” (Berlin)