Mujeres en el Foco / Women in Focus

Our director and founder, Anna Louise Rolland joined the discussion at CAAC- Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporàneo in Sevilla, Spain.
This conference is being held as part of the French EU Council to gather and reflect on the effective visibility of female artists in the market and the visual arts as whole.

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European exchange of experts and associations for the promotion of the work of women artists.

Even though France, Germany and Spain agree that inequalities between men and women in the art world are increasingly being taken into account, the current situation is still that in 2022 it will still be more difficult for women artists to make a living from their art than for men. In these three countries, where artists’ associations, public pressure and the commitment of some gallerists are considered catalysts for change towards parity and real equality between women and men, progress towards equality is recognised.

In this sense, the Women in Focus conference aims to establish European networks of professionals and associations concerned with promoting the work and creations of women artists and to create a meeting point and conditions for a European dialogue aimed at concretely questioning practices with regard to gender equality and the visibility of women artists and creators in the public sphere and in the visual arts in particular.

The programme includes four rounds of discussions involving political representatives, curators, art centre directors, academics, emerging and established artists, as well as civil society associations and experts from the EU Commission from Spain, Germany and France. The conference will be moderated by Charo Ramos and will feature experts such as Agnès Saal, Anna Kedziorek, Mar Sánchez Estrella, Lola Díaz González-Blanco, Pilar Albarracín, Semíramis González, Anna Hidleston, Nathalie Ernoult, Ellen Blumenstein, Concha Jerez, Marta Perez Ibañez, Marc Vaudey, Tonia Trujillo, Mau Monleón, Patricia Mayayo, Anna-Louise Rolland and Irene Infante.

The talks will be recorded and broadcast on the Youtube channel of the Institut français de España.

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