Tuan Mami


Term: May – July 2022

As an interdisciplinary-experimental artist, he constantly explore new mediums and methods of expression, he had discovered meditative experimentations with installation, video, performance and conceptual art. Recently, he had begun to explore the formality of performative installations which are often research-based projects. They address specific matters or communities and focus on humans in their moves. He had been constantly researching moving communities in Vietnam and Vietnamese diasporas around the world. He tries to observe what has happened in these communities, and what is remained, appearing and disappearing culturally, mentally, and politically in an attempt to adapt and survive in their new contexts.

His interest lies in engaging the ongoing experiments as means to create and explore new concepts of interaction and exchange. His works often present a view in the form of “two sides of a coin”; one, to analyze the condition of our encounters with each other, which often is a critique of the present state of society; the other, to respond in the attempt to shift or change current forms of relationships. His work deals with questions about our living and the meaning of social interactions or natural co-existence. He re-constructs situations by bringing people or objects from a particular reality socially and critically. For him, art is like a culturally engaged progress that transforms one reality into another whether it deals with a big issue or a neglected one. It is a progress of researching and searching for new communications to push our boundary of being in a way that gives us to experience and explores our worlds.

He considers doing art as a way to challenge our perception, live with it, and help us cope with the fast changes in life. He challenges himself to see other sides of things and to find relationships between life and art. He’s inspired by our reality, and our environment, and he also questions them. As an artist, he looks forward to re-construct a complex correlation between human desire and natural resources. He wants to involve people together in a social process as a performative practice.