LIA artists during the Corona crisis

It’s no easy time for artists in residence during the Corona crisis. Right after the first three Pacific-Leipzig scholarship holders arrived to Leipzig, Germany announced strict social distancing regulations and all cultural institutions had to be shut down and still are. The art life is on a hold and therefore, the LIA artists can currently only use their studio space to concentrate on their art projects as far as possible. The usual exhibition hightlight, the Spinnerei Spring Gallery Tour, can not take place on 1/2 May, as it was planned.

Hence, we want to introduce you our currents artists and give insights into their current daily life and to present their artworks. The first round of the Pacific-Leipzig scholarship, organised by LIA and the Goethe-Institut, in cooperation with the etching studio of Maria & Vlado Ondrej and with kind support of AOne, brought three artists to Leipzig from March to May 2020:

Chang Yoong Chia (Malaysia), Le Hien Minh (Vietnam) and Yadanar Win (Myanmar)

Besides them, we host three more artists who arrived already in February to LIA and will stay until July 2020:

MarĂ­a Mira-Perceval Graells (Spain), Dylan Prince (USA) and Daniela Schwabe (The Netherlands)

In the next weeks, we will present you a video interview with each of our artists,
starting with Le Hien Minh:

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Chang Yoong Chia talks about his artistic projects he works on in LIA:

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Performance artist Yadanar Win talks about how the Corona crises impacted her work:

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