Jevon Chandra

Jevon Chandra is an interdisciplinary artist and designer. Taking on the forms of installations and time and context-bound interventions, his art projects estimate the interplays between doubt and belief, as present in acts of caring, meaning-making, and holding faith. Through…Continue readingJevon Chandra

Jett Ilagan

Jett Ilagan, a.k.a. escuri, is a music producer and a multimedia artist from Laguna, Philippines. His works explore sound and particularly the idea of “cultural soundscapes” through various methods such as field recordings, sound walking, and personal encounters with the…Continue readingJett Ilagan

Magdalena Kreinecker

Born 1993 in Linz, Austria. Lives and works in Vienna. 2013–2018 fine art / grafic and printma-king University for applied Arts Vienna. (solo; Vienna), MUSA Startgalerie (duo;Vienna), Deegar Platform (solo; Teheran), PFERD (solo; Vienna)Magdalena Kreinecker works as a visual artist…Continue readingMagdalena Kreinecker

Irfan Hendrian

IRFAN HENDRIAN (b.Ohio, 1987) is an artist, industrial printmaker and graphic designer known for his formal explorations in abstraction. Working mainly with paper, his interest is in the Bauhaus approach and method: to reduce, subtract and simplify everything to its most…Continue readingIrfan Hendrian

Niels Bonde

Term: April-July 2021     Stipendiary of the Danish Arts Foundation “Water Lillies”           Niels Bonde b. 1961 Copenhagen Denmark Lives and works in Copenhagen and Vienna. “To briefly summarize, Niels Bonde’s work deals with…Continue readingNiels Bonde

Bianka Chladek

Term: March-May 2021 Bianka Chladek, Slovakia, has received a Masters degree of fine arts from the University of Tomas Bata in Zlin and attended the painting studio on the Academy of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture in Prague. Her intuitive…Continue readingBianka Chladek