Marten Bayuaji

Born in Jepara, March 1992, an Indonesian artist who starts art study in Yogyakarta State University and Bandung Institute of Technology. His practice is much inspired by nature, either in physical form or the idea of nature itself. Marten often…Continue readingMarten Bayuaji

Jevon Chandra

Jevon Chandra is an interdisciplinary artist and designer. Taking on the forms of installations and time and context-bound interventions, his art projects estimate the interplays between doubt and belief, as present in acts of caring, meaning-making, and holding faith. Through…Continue readingJevon Chandra

Jett Ilagan

Jett Ilagan, a.k.a. escuri, is a music producer and a multimedia artist from Laguna, Philippines. His works explore sound and particularly the idea of “cultural soundscapes” through various methods such as field recordings, sound walking, and personal encounters with the…Continue readingJett Ilagan

Magdalena Kreinecker

Born 1993 in Linz, Austria. Lives and works in Vienna. 2013–2018 fine art / grafic and printma-king University for applied Arts Vienna. (solo; Vienna), MUSA Startgalerie (duo;Vienna), Deegar Platform (solo; Teheran), PFERD (solo; Vienna)Magdalena Kreinecker works as a visual artist…Continue readingMagdalena Kreinecker

Theo Nugraha

Term: August-November 2021 T H E O N U G R A H A . B A N D C A M P . C O MIG: @theonugraha Theo Nugraha (b. Samarinda, April, 1992) is a sound artist from Samarinda.…Continue readingTheo Nugraha

Meita Meilita

Term: August-November 2021 IG: @menyulamkenangan, @meita_meilita Meita Meilita was born in Bogor on May 28, 1992. Meita graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts at the State University of Jakarta. Currently, Meita is studying a master’s degree in fine…Continue readingMeita Meilita

Caroline Thon

Term: August-October 2021 Caroline Heje Thon, born 1986, based in Copenhagen and works primarily in oil painting and muralism.  “My art is driven by a curiosity towards our affective responses to our surroundings.  I have worked a lot with the…Continue readingCaroline Thon

Atli Bollason

Term: August-October 2021 Atli Bollason (b. 1985 in Reykjavík) holds an MA in English Literature from Concordia University, Montréal and a BA in Comparative Literature from the University of Iceland. Every new media technology claims to carry its message objectively.…Continue readingAtli Bollason

Ayelet Carmi

Term: July 2021 Ayelet Carmi lives and works in Herzliya, Israel, and holds a BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. She is a recipient of the Minister’s Prize, awardred by the Israeli Ministry of…Continue readingAyelet Carmi

Christina Papakyriakou

Term: June-August 2021 Christina Papakyriakou is a Visual Artist focusing on painting and drawing.  In the context of her postgraduate research “Drawing as A Verb”  she drew and studied movement maps as a result of body interaction within a live…Continue readingChristina Papakyriakou