Max Kornfield

Term: February-August 2022 Max Kornfield (b. 1997, California, USA) is a queer artist and curator. They recently graduated with a BFA from the School of Visual Arts, NYC. Their current work uses oil paint to explore interconnection through bodily imagery…WeiterlesenMax Kornfield

Tzung-Hui Lauren Lee

Term: February-May 2022 Tzung-Hui Lauren Lee (b. 1998, Johannesburg) is a South African Chinese artist and a recent graduate of the BA Fine Art programme at the Wits School of Arts in Johannesburg. Her installation-based practice is embedded in processes…WeiterlesenTzung-Hui Lauren Lee

Roxy Kaczmarek

Term: February-May 2022 Roxy Kaczmarek’s paintings and prints focus on the sensibilities and relationship between people and nature. She has developed a fascination with the separation and closeness of the natural world created within our lived environments and our attempts…WeiterlesenRoxy Kaczmarek

Xhanti Zwelendaba

Term: February-May 2022 Xhanti Zwelendaba is a multi-disciplinary artist working in a diverse range of mediums such as sculpting, print-making, installation, performance art and video art. Zwelendaba’s work deals primarily with the complexities and tensions surrounding Xhosa culture and the…WeiterlesenXhanti Zwelendaba

Marten Bayuaji

Born in Jepara, March 1992, an Indonesian artist who starts art study in Yogyakarta State University and Bandung Institute of Technology. His practice is much inspired by nature, either in physical form or the idea of nature itself. Marten often…WeiterlesenMarten Bayuaji

Jevon Chandra

Jevon Chandra is an interdisciplinary artist and designer. Taking on the forms of installations and time and context-bound interventions, his art projects estimate the interplays between doubt and belief, as present in acts of caring, meaning-making, and holding faith. Through…WeiterlesenJevon Chandra

Jett llagan

Jett llagan aka Escuri is a music producer and multimedia artist from Philippines. His audio works revolves around composition of music to emphasize cultural soundscapes through cultural immersion, the use of field recordings of urban environments and interaction with people…WeiterlesenJett llagan

Magdalena Kreinecker

Born 1993 in Linz, Austria. Lives and works in Vienna. 2013–2018 fine art / grafic and printma-king University for applied Arts Vienna. (solo; Vienna), MUSA Startgalerie (duo;Vienna), Deegar Platform (solo; Teheran), PFERD (solo; Vienna)Magdalena Kreinecker works as a visual artist…WeiterlesenMagdalena Kreinecker

Caroline Thon

Term: August-October 2021 Caroline Heje Thon, born 1986, based in Copenhagen and works primarily in oil painting and muralism.  “My art is driven by a curiosity towards our affective responses to our surroundings.  I have worked a lot with the…WeiterlesenCaroline Thon

Niels Bonde

Zeitraum: April-Juli 2021     Stipendiat by Danish Arts Foundation “Water Lillies”           Niels Bonde * 1961 Kopenhagen Dänemark lebt in Kopenhagen und Wien “Niels Bondes Arbeiten drehen sich um das Thema zwischenmenschliche Interaktion, die in seinem Fall durch Technik hergestellt wird. Er erforscht…WeiterlesenNiels Bonde