Gunnhildur Hauksdottir

Term: July – September 2019 Nordic-Leipzig stipend of the Goethe-Institut Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir is an Icelandic visual artist living in Reykjavik, Iceland and in Berlin, Germany. Hauksdottir combines elements of audio, video, performance, sculpture, drawing and text to create transient…Continue readingGunnhildur Hauksdottir

Trevor Kiernander

Term: July – September 2019 November 2017 – January 2018 Trevor Kiernander’s works rigorously propose a formal examination of the space of painting and drawing. Through the association and collision of multiple perspectives and the deployment of overlapping technical approaches, he explores the…Continue readingTrevor Kiernander

Shangkai Kevin Yu

Term: July – December 2019 June – July 2013 Shangkai Yu lives and works in New York and studied at New York Academy of Art. He about his work: “The perceptual and visceral qualities of the different methods…Continue readingShangkai Kevin Yu

Anne Herrero

Term: June-July 2019 Stipendiary of the NYAAA My drawings and paintings investigate universal themes of human experience through a combination of symbolism and autobiography. I work from life in the Classical tradition; drawing and painting…Continue readingAnne Herrero

Lujan Perez

Term: Juni-Juli 2019 Stipendiary of the NYAA The work I make is driven by the constant uncertainty of my idea of a physical and psychological home. I find myself in a habitual state of pursuit to unravel these…Continue readingLujan Perez

Anna Park

Term: June-July 2019 Stipendiary of the NYAA In any situation, people tend to shift into a particular version, or facet, of themselves. Whether it be a conscious decision to address and to assimilate new situations and surroundings, or…Continue readingAnna Park

Natalie Terenzini

Term: June-July 2019 Stipendiary of the NYAA     My current body of work attempts to delve into my daily experience with the world. I am exploring the ways other people and myself relate to each other and interact with…Continue readingNatalie Terenzini

Stella Margarita

Term: June-August 2019 Stella Margarita, born in Uruguay, lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Contacted the painting at 2006 in the city of Caracas, Venezuela. From 2010 to 2016 already living in Brazil starts to attend the…Continue readingStella Margarita

Daisy Watkins-Harvey

Term: May 2019 Daisy Watkins-Harvey (b. 1986) is a Melbourne-based artist. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) from RMIT and the School of the Art Institute Chicago, was a Van Lier Fellow for Drawing and Printmaking at the New…Continue readingDaisy Watkins-Harvey

Jordan Grant

Term: March – May 2019 Stipendiary of the RMIT Melbourne    Jordan Grant on Instagram Website Joran Grant Jordan’s paintings develop through a heuristic process bent on doubt-laden experimentation and tentativity. Abstract compositions are formed through gestures that are both…Continue readingJordan Grant