Alexander Tinei

study at Chisinau Repin State College of Fine Art, Dept. of Design from 1988 till 1991. Born in preindependence Moldova (1967), Alexander Tinei describes himself as ‘an absolute product of soviet culture, transformed into western culture, transformed into myself’. His striking portraits of tattooed young subjects reveal his preoccupation with issues concerning identity and belonging but they also examine the new phenomenon of instant global visibility via the internet; with the exposure of people’s formerly private moments now posted up for display on the world wide web.

Solo exhibitions
2011 Ivory, Ana Cristea Gallery, New York, USA

2010 Volta NYC, Ana Cristea Gallery (NY)-Voges Gallery (Frankfurt).

2010 All about me, Ana Cristea Gallery, New York, USA

2009 I collect all my tears, Deak Erika Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2008 Art Forum, Berlin

2007 Now distraction, Deak Erika Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2006 “Where have you been?”, Deak Erika Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2006 He is coming, Erlin Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2005 Lost in the Forest, Kultur Kontakt, ArtPoint Gallery, Wien, Austria

2005 Free Post Cards, K.Petrys Ház Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2003 Spring Fields, Martino Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2003 Hungarian Parliament and Lathe, Aorta Gallery, Chisinau,Moldova

2002 Big Mother, Mithras Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

1993-95 Siberian Green 1-2 , Langepas, Russia

Group exhibitions (selection)
2011 Prague Biennale 5, Prague Biennale, Prague

2011 The Volta show, Basel

2011 Spinart , Ana Cristea Gallery, Spinnerei, Leipzig

2011 Portraits of ambiguity, Ana Cristrea Gallery, New York

2011 East Ex East , Brand new Gallery , Milan

2011 Studio visit, Deak Erika Gallery, Budapest, 2011

2011 Human, Gallery Specta, Copenhagen

2010 After the fall, HVCCA, New York Human, Gallery Specta, Copenhagen

2010 Naked truth, Frissiras Museum, Athens

2009 I’ve watered a horseshoe as if it were a flower, Mihai Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles.