Barbara Cartier

lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Barbara Cartier about her work: “The continous motion of acts, feelings, thoughts, moods and words that shape the ordinary life is what I explore: the dynamic of human linkages. These are cadences of a natural outcome of a self-paced timeline which I capture in my paintings. When I work, I bring together these elements in a new space/time line, bonding to each other as a medium. There is something about creating an existential space, not physical nor geographical that develops always in torn of oneself and an other being. In this sense, I look into the everyday life, the ordinary where we tame and transform conducts through feelings.”

2010 Artists Program “Union House”, Buenos Aires
2007-2010 Painting and analysis with painter Sergio Bazan
2000-2005 Bachelor in Visual Arts, Painting- National University of Arts, Argentina

Selected Exhibitions Virtual Gallery, London
Popa Express Gallery, group exhibition, Buenos Aires- 2013
Prize “Espacio Cabrera” (Selection), Universidad de Palermo – 2012
“Open Doors” Open Ateliers in the area of San Isidro – 2012
Art Fair “Art Space” 4th edition, Buenos Aires – 2012
“Octavas” group exhibition The Factory Gallery, Buenos Aires- 2011
“Piloto Abierta” group exhibition Isidro Miranda Art Gallery, Bs As – 2010
ArteBa ´10 Art Fair – Group Installation group work, BsAs- 2010
Prize “Thesis” (Selection) – 2009
“Happy tea” and “Birds”, Jardín Luminoso Gallery, Buenos Aires – 2008-9
Prize “Young Artists ProyectoA Gallery” (Selection), Buenos Aires – 2007
“The Begining” Solo Exhibition El Árbol Gallery, Buenos Aires – 2007