Ilja Dolgov

lives and works in Voronezh, Russia. He is co-founder of Voronezh Center for Contemporary Art. Winner of “Innovation 2012” award. Curates educational program in Voronezh center for contemporary art.


2001-2006, Voronezh State University

Solo Shows
2013 “Azoic”, Zoological Museum of Moscow State University and Gallery 21, Moscow.

2012 “Herbarium”, H.L.A.M. gallery, Voronezh.

2010 “Simple Machines”, in collaboration with Polly, H.L.A.M. gallery, Voronezh.

2009 “Utopia is What You Need, But You is Not Utopia Has Need For”, VCCA, Voronezh

Group Exhibitions
2013 “Revisiting the Space Voronezh”, VCCA, Voronezh

2012 “Again Angkor”, Gallery 21, Moscow
“Behind The Encounter Scenes”, Gallery 21, Moscow
“Awaiting Environment”, Gallery 21, Moscow
“Strategical project”, 3rd Moscow biennale of young art
“Seems something is missing here”, Winzavod centre for contemporary art, Moscow

2011 “Practical Knowledge”, GMG gallery, Moscow
“Phantom monuments”, Garage CCC, Moscow
“Forms of rational”, HLAM gallery, Voronezh

2010 “Live Museum of Performance”, VCCA, Voronezh
“The Only Difference”, Project “Fabrika”, Moscow
“Taming Time”, Project “Fabrika”, Moscow
“Foundations”, VCCA, Voronezh

2009 “The Next sStep is Ours!”, VCCA, Voronezh
“Care” land-art festival, Divnogorie national park, Russia
“Genius Loci: gallery”, Ravenscourt Galleries, Moscow
“Universam” art fair, Moscow
“Care”, Armianskiy 13, Moscow
“Can’t take it anymore”, VCCA, Voronezh

2004-2005 Member of art groups “Border Investigations” and “Popular Border Investigations”.

“Wonderful Transformations”, “Party”, “Unconditioned Reflex”, “Degree of Realization in the Kingdom of Soft-bodied”, “Naked Lunch of St. Bonaventura”, “Wormness of Mine”.

Curatoral Projects
2009 «Can’t take it anymore», VCCA, Voronezh

2010 “Three Wizards” (Club of the Giotto lovers), VCCA, Voronezh
“Promise of Happiness” (Club of the Giotto lovers), Project “Fabrika”, Moscow

2009 K.L.UA., VCCA, Voronezh