Stephanie Pooley

born in 1984. She lives and works in Santiago, Chile. Her work is a constant reflection about the establishes social parameters. A questioning of reality where she put in check the apparently truth. Through fantasy elements extracted of the childhoods to reinvent reality. As a way to criticize the lack awareness.


2003-2008.Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Finnis Terrae, Santiago, Chile.
2008-2009.Degree in Education Media Education, University Finis Terrae, Santiago, Chile.

2003. Palacio Alhambra, Santiago Chile
2006. Monte Carmelo, Santiago Chile.
2007. Isabel Aninat Gallery, Santiago, Chile.
2008. Pampero Foundation, Santiago Chile.
2009. Espora Gallery, Santiago, Chile.
2010. Universidad Finis Terrae Showroom , Santiago, Chile.
2010. Clinic Louis Pasteur Showroom , Santiago, Chile.
2011. Arte Espacio Gallery, Santiago, Chile.
2012. Factory Persian Art , Santiago, Chile.
2013. W hotels- Starwood Hotels, Santiago, Chile.

2007. Ceramic stoneware courses, the workshop of Joan Morrison, Santiago, Chile.
2011. Silkscreen on canvas, the workshop of Teresa Ciudad, Santiago Chile.
2011-2012. Step Jewelry Jewelry, the workshop of Paula Sotomayor, Santiago, Chile.