Elena Vonbrota

Currently living and working between London (UK) and Rimini (IT). Working with paint, collage and sound, Vonbrota’s work addresses the excess of imagery and information that surrounds us and reflects on the psychic catastrophe, mental and planetary exhaustion that we experience in our age. Through painting and composing found images, her works create hallucinatory realms and chaotic narratives, where photographic images and visionary landscapes mix. Her practice references the wide texture of Italian and European painting in a dialogue that reflects on the timeless duality of humanity, where images of violence are mixed with laughter, orgies and nonsense, in a parody of the pathetic, hilarious, tragic and the epic at the same time. A journey of humanity through history and time.

BA and MFA, Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, Italy
Diploma in Sound Arts and Music Technology, London College of Communication, UK

Solo Exhibitions
2015 CoffeBox, Riccione, Italy
2011 Bar del Porto, Rimini, Italy
2010 Interno 4, Rimini, Italy
2010 Fragile Continuo, Bologna, Italy

Group Exhibitions
2014 Degender Fest III, Rimini
2013 The Royal, London
2012 The Clapton Yard, London
2009 LCC, University of the Arts, London
2007 Crack! Fumetti Dirompenti, Forte Prenestino, Rome
2007 I Soliti Ignoti, Casa Pomposa, Rimini
2006 Freak Out! Freak’a’Licious Queer Art Festival, Rome

2015 Leipzig International Art Programme, Leipzig, Germany

Artist books
2009 Karussell gen Osten and music ornamented with trophies, Brota y Vaca Ed. London
2006 EL-WeiSsCream – Dissection of a flat body, Brota y Vaca Ed. Rimini, Italy

2014 Dandelion journal Violence edition – Birkbeck College, University of London
2010 Emerging Talents: Vonbrota, Radio Icaro Overground, interview by Paolo Severi.
2007 Vonbrota: The battle of the sign by Prof. Valerio Bindi, Crack! Ed., Rome, Italy