Julia Stoddard


Julia Stoddard is a multi-media artist currently based in New York. Her work in video, performance, sound, printmaking, and syntheses thereof engage carefully selected, often cultivated environments which become mediums for generating recordings used in compositions or spatial installations. Influenced by her work as a garden designer, her studio practice negotiates relationships between movement, memory, and land. She received a BFA from the Visual & Critical Studies department at the School of Visual Arts in 2016.

School of Visual Arts, Visual and Critical Studies BFA 2016

2016  “Collective Memory (past and future ours)”, Celine Gallery, curated by Anna Bauer
2016  “Conjoining Islands”, The Sheen Center, curated by Benjamin Lee Sperry
2016  “Planting Season”, Flatiron Annex Gallery, curated by Suzanne Joelson
2016  “Natural’s Not In It”, 
Visual & Critical Studies open studios – SVA Gallery, curated by Jovana Stokic