Simon Van Parys

1986, lives and works in Ghent, Belgium.

Traditional methods combined with hightech solutions are used to bring a sculptural expression of a futuristic emotion. With as result almost abstract bodies, paintings and music with a powerful tension of machinery, speed and ruggedness with as foremost inspiration the contemporary industrial engineering and the material progress of society.

2005 2010 MASTERS Fine Arts/Sculpture, School of Arts, Ghent (BE)
2001 2005 SKI Ottogracht, Ghent (BE)

2016 With Stars, Royal Star, London (UK)
2016 Lower State of Consciousness, Barbé Gallery, Ghent (BE)
2015 Simon Van Parys, Arts & Parts, Ghent (BE)
2014 Vracht (Freight), Former Industrial School of Ghent, Ghent (BE)
2013 Showcase, Cecilia Jaime Gallery, Ghent (BE)
2011 Turbocharged, Studio K, Ghent (BE)
2011 Straight from the workshop: TurboCharged Series, Croxhapox, Ghent (BE)
2010 All your base are belong to us, Croxhapox, Ghent (BE)
2010 Untitled, Zwarte zaal, Ghent (BE)
2008 A night, Port Actif, Ghent (BE)

2016 Some and Others, LIA Autumn Group Show, Spinnerei Gallery Tour, Leipzig (DE)
2016 Art in Mind, The Brick Lane Gallery, London (UK)
2015 LLExit, Karl Kuypershuis, Antwerp (BE)
2014 Revisited, The Young ones, Municipal Art Institute of Ghent (SKI), Ghent (BE)
2013 There Are Stories…, Paddenhoek, Ghent. (BE)
2012 Ladies & Ghentlemen we are floathing in space, KC Nona, Mechelen (BE)
2012 Three is a crowd 2.0, Cypres Gallerie, Leuven (BE)
2011 Nucleo De Connectie, De Lindenlei, Ghent (BE)
2011 De Lading, Strictly Rabbit, Wetteren (BE)
2010 Beeldhouwkunst, Croxhapox, Ghent (BE)
2009 Untitled, De Bijloke Muziekcentrum, Ghent (BE)

2016 – LIA, Spinnerei, Leipzig (DE)
2015 – Westland Studios, Shoreditch, London (UK)
2011 – Croxhapox, Ghent (BE)

2016 Art In Mind: Red Heat, MAYBELDNR, March 2016, written by Koray Hussein
2016 Fast and Furious, COLLECT NR460, pg. 14
2014 Feautured Artist: Simon Van Parys, SUBBACULTCHA MAGAZINE!, April 2014, written by Stien De Vrieze
2013 There are stories…, pg. 114115
2012 III is a crowd 2.0, <H>ART, February 2012, written by Christine Vuegen

2016 Sentient, Head of design of Sentient Records label, Berlin (DE)
2016 Traditional approach in contemporary drawing, Masterclass drawing in Brussels (BE)
2015 Vertere, Vinyl Label design for Life & Death Records, Italy/Germany (IT) (DE)