Yoshiyuki Koinuma

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My work is influenced by Computer Game, Biology, Science Fiction, Nature and Japanese culture. It invites spectators to use their imagination and enjoy themselves, evoking their surreal imagination, made of fantasy world and outer space. The past few years, I’m making ” Reincarnation Series ” from my earthquake experience on 11th of March 2011 in Japan, “Grandfather Series “, ” The Universe Series ” ,” Daily Paintings” and “Collage Works” . I started a series of new work from 2015 contemplating relationships between human and animal in modern society. Inspired by media and daily conversations. The Painting ” Portrait with animal “, a theme that has been reoccurring since ancient times. I paint it on canvas by oil and oil pastel.


2009-2010 Rijksakademie, Amsterdam, NL
2001-2005 Musashino Art University, Tokyo, JP

Einzelausstellungen (Auswahl)
2016 「 Feed 」Hae Art Space, Maastricht,NL
2015 「 Circle Works 」Japanese culture center Shofukan, Rotterdam,NL
2014 「 Yoshiyuki Koinuma Paintings 2010/2014 」 Rechtbank ,Rotterdam, NL
2014 「 Beyond the Visible 」Hommes, Rotterdam,NL
2014 「 In the Dream 」Gallery Weert, Weert, NL
2013 「 Magic Invocation 」Gallery De 7e Hemel ,Bussum, NL
2010 「 Fragile 」 Gallery Terra Tokyo , Tokyo, JP

Gruppenausstellung (Auswahl)
2016 「 Bosch Open Expo 」Kunsthal Boschveld, ’s-Hertogenbosch, NL
2016 「 Radical Three 」Minnano Gallery, Tokyo, JP
2015 「 Who Art You ? #4 」Fabbrica del vapore, Milano, IT
2015 「 War, Peace and Beauty 」Provinciehuis Utrecht, Utrecht,NL
2014 「 Camera Japan Festival 2014 」Lantarenvenster, Rotterdam,NL
2013 「 Zomer Expo 2013 Earth 」 Gemeentemusum Den Haag, Den haag,NL
2013 「 Gloomy Prospects and Lucid Adventures 」NEST, Den haag, NL
2012 「 Fragmented Surreality 」Hommes, Rotterdam, NL
2010 「 Rijksakademie open studio 」Rijksakademie, Amsterdam, NL

2009 Fellowship of Stichting niemeijer fonds, NL
2006 The 21st Holbein Scholarship, JP

2012-2013 Foundation Bad, Rotterdam, NL
2012 DCR Guest Studio, Den haag , NL
2011-2012 CK12, Rotterdam, NL
2011 Stichting KAUS Australis, Rotterdam,NL