Trevor Kiernander

Zeitraum: Juli – September 2019
November 2017 – Januar 2018


2009 MFA, Art Practice—Goldsmiths University of London, London, UK
2006 BFA w/ Distinction, Major Painting & Drawing—Concordia University, Montréal, Canada
2000 Interpretive Illustration Diploma—Sheridan College, Oakville, Canada


2019 Galerie d’art d’Outremont, Montreal, Canada
2018 Maison de la culture NDG, “In Free Fall”, Montreal, Canada
2018 Art Mûr, “Bound and Boundless”, Berlin, Germany
2017 Maison des arts de Laval (foyer) “Désorientation”, Laval, Canada
2016 Art Mûr, “Event Horizon: This Must Be The Place”, Montreal, Canada
2016 McClure Gallery,”Event Horizon: This Must Be The Place”, Montreal, Canada
2014 Art Mûr, “Uncommon Ground”, Montreal, Canada
2013 Vitrine, “Fallen”, London, UK
2012 Art Mûr, “Here. Not Here.”, Montreal, Canada
2010 The Woodmill, “Project:Space”, London, UK
2010 Art Mûr, “To Build A Home”, Montreal, Canada
2010 Bearspace, “Trade Skins”, London, UK
2007 Art Mûr, “Relative Detachments”, Montreal, Canada
2005 La Fabriq, “Form, Fond, Couleur”, Montreal, Canada

Gruppenausstellungen (Auswahl)

Galerie Michel Guimont, Quebec City, Canada
Atlas House, Ipswich Biennale, Ipswich, United Kingdom
Art Mûr, “Grâce du dessin”, Montreal, Canada
Spinnerei Werkschau, “Sediments”, Leipzig, Germany
LIA Spinnerei, Winter Rundgang, Leipzig, Germany

LIA Spinnerei, Open Studios, Leipzig, Germany
Galerie Michel Guimont, Off-Manif, Quebec City, Canada

Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, “Sightings 17: The Time of Work”, Montreal, Canada

The Wilson, Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museu, “The Open West”, Cheltenham, UK

HUSK, “Teleology”, London, UK
L’Blassa, “BAB//\\DAR”, in collaboration w/ Marrakech Biennale, Marrakech, Morocco
Le 18, “Here & Now – Sound Matters”, Marrakech, Morocco

St James Hatcham Goldsmiths, “Post Post”, London, UK
Maria Stenfors Gallery, “Endogenous II”, London, UK
Southbank Centre, “My Deptford: 8 Minutes From Here”, London, UK
Enclave, “Feedback”, London, UK
Musée des beaux-arts de Mont-Saint-Hilaire, “Héritage de Borduas”, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Canada
Departure Foundation, “Satelike”, London, UK
CART @ Armory Week: Dream Baby, New York, USA
Jotta, Battersea Evolution, “An Undelivered Postcard From The Edge Of The World”, London

Contact, “Location Relative”, Manchester, UK
Deptford X, “Bringing Home The Art”, London, UK
Bussey Building, “For Display Purposes Only”, London, UK
London Art Fair, “Art Projects w/ Axis”, London, UK

Kunstverein Speyer, “So Here We Are”, Speyer, Germany
Central House Of Artists, “TRANSLATE / TRANSCRIBE”, Moscow, Russia
Art Mur, “Question De Principe, Matter Of Principle”, Montreal, Canada
The Woodmill, “S.A.G.S.”, London, UK
The Woodmill, “Nicolas Party: Elephants at the Woodmill”, London, UK
38b Peckham Rye, “I Have No Use For The Truth”, London, UK
Collective Show Los Angeles w/ LA Pedestrians Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

Vulpes Vulpes, “Heliotrope”, London, UK
ShopAt34, “Say What What Way”, London, UK
BEARSPACE, “Print Now II”, London, UK
The Woodmill “The Devil’s Necktie”, London, UK

ShopAt34, “soSHOW!”, London, UK
Bearspace, “Goblet”, London, UK
Area10, “Groupe/Grope”, London, UK
James Taylor Gallery, “Notes From The Underground”, London, UK
Grace & Clark Fyfe Gallery, “How to Manage When Everything’s a Priority”, Glasgow,UK

Lewisham Art House, New Cross Art Prize Exhibition, London, UK
Tender Pixel Gallery, New Paintings w/ Sungyeon Park, London, UK

FOFA Gallery, Stanley Mills Purchase Prize Exhibition, Montreal, Canada

Atelier William, Montreal, Canada
Parisian Laundry “Collection I”, Montreal, Canada
AWOL Gallery “Square Foot”, Toronto, Canada
Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, “The Only Way Out Is In”, Montreal, Canada


2016 Art Toronto, Toronto, Canada
2016 Papier, Montréal, Canada
2015 Art Toronto, Toronto, Canada
2015 Papier, Montréal, Canada
2014 Art Toronto, Toronto, Canada
2014 Papier, Montréal, Canada
2013 CART @ Armory Week: Dream Baby, New York City, USA
2013 Jotta, Battersea Evolution, An Undelivered Postcard From The Edge Of The World, London, UK
2012 London Art Fair, Art Projects w/ Axis, London, UK
2011 Central House Of Artists, TRANSLATE / TRANSCRIBE, Moscow, Russia
2010 Art Toronto, Toronto, Canada
2008 Art Toronto, Toronto, Canada


CPOA du Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
Collection Luc LaRochelle
Concordia University
Conseil des arts de Montréal
Courchesne Larose Ltd
FIFA (Festival International du Film sur l’Art)
Mouvement Desjardins
Orford Centre for the Arts
Parisian Laundry
Stanley Mills Collection
Tilquin Collection
Toronto Dominion Bank
Université de Sherbrooke
Various private collections in Canada, USA, UK, Russia and Europe


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Residenzen / Auszeichnungen / Preise

2018 Canada Council for the Arts, Concept to Realization Grant, Canada
2017 LIA Leipzig International Artist Programme Residency, Leipzig Germany
2017 Vermont Studio Centre Residency, Vermont, USA
2017 Merit-based Artist Grant ($1700USD) Vermont Studio Centre Residency, Vermont, USA
2014 MINT Collective Residency, Riad Biba, Marrakech, Morocco
2013 PEER Residency w/ Merike Estna, London, UK
2010 John Moores Contemporary Painting 2010 (short list), London, UK
2010 Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2010 (short list), London, UK
2010 Woodmill Travel Grant, London, UK
2007 RBC Painting Competition (short list): Eastern Division, Canada

Berufliche Erfahrungen / Lehre / Künstlergespräche

2016 Artist Talk, McClure Gallery, Montréal, Canada
2016 External Examiner, BFA Drawing, Concordia University, Montréal, Canada
2016 In-Course Lecture/Artist Talk, Concordia University, Montréal, Canada
2015 In-Course Lecture/Artist Talk, Concordia University, Montréal, Canada
2012 Visiting Tutor BA Fine Art, British Higher School of Art & Design, Moscow, Russia
2012 Artist Talk, British Higher School of Art & Design, Moscow, Russia
2009 Co-director, ShopAt34, London, UK