Marten Bayuaji and Irfan Hendrian awarded for the Deutsche Bank fellowship

From Indonesia & Singapore, the two artists are granted for a three-month residency in LIA from November 1st to January 28th, 2022

Irfan Hendrian (1987) is an artist, industrial printmaker and graphic designer known for his formal explorations in abstraction. Working mainly with paper, his interest is in the Bauhaus approach and method: to reduce, subtract and simplify everything to its most sublime, essential and substantial state. Hendrian values efficient, logical and utilitarian modes of thinking and acting which are reflected directly in his work. Collage provides methodology that maintains Hendrian’s purist approach to materials, utilizing paper as a raw material with sculptural capabilities. Rather than creating images, he believes that through composing visual arrangement of objects, a particular aesthetic value emerges. Currently represented by Sullivan+Strumpf.

Irfan Hendrian, offset lithography on layers of paper & wood
170 x 61×45 cm, 119 x 57 x 40.5 cm x 146 x 29 x 27.5 cm,
102 x 25.6 x 24 cm, 123 x 19 x 18.5 cm

Marten Bayuaji, (b.Jepara, 1992) an Indonesian artist who start art study in Yogyakarta State University
and Bandung Institute of Technology. His practice much inspired by nature, either in physical form or
the idea of nature itself. Marten often use variety media in his work, responds to a natural landscape
or a specific spatial framing. His outdoor works are ephemeral in nature, a condition in which
Marten is questioning about ‘how humans position their natural environment, whether good or
bad’. Marten is interested in studying nature in anthropocentrism. According to him, looking back to
the most basic things about how we humans perceive nature is very important.

Marten Bayuaji, God is in the detail, the devil said.
LED, leaves and trees
Variable dimension