Caroline Thon

Term: August-October 2021

Caroline Heje Thon, born 1986, based in Copenhagen and works primarily in oil painting and muralism. 

“My art is driven by a curiosity towards our affective responses to our surroundings. 

I have worked a lot with the relationship between the human body and what we call ‘nature’. Within recent years I have investigated the aesthetics of the male body in a project called Manscapes. This project examines the male body as an object to the female gaze and deals with intimacy, male beauty, fragility and materiality. The works invite the viewer to enter the landscape of the naked male body and explore which reactions, impulses and sensations the close encounter with a passive soft male body creates. 

My current work is centered around how we experience the relationship between our own inner psychobiological landscape and our perceived surroundings, especially in relation to disruptive events such as trauma. 

Along my artistic practice I have studied biology and art history. I have a professional background within the museum industry, where I worked with research on art-science collaborations as well as curation and production.”

Looking at me looking at you, group exhibition, Arden Asbæk Gallery, Copehagen (DK)
The Artists’ Autumn Exhibition 2019, Den Frie, Copenhagen (DK).
Winter Selections, group exhibition, Væg Contemporary Art Gallery, Aalborg (DK).
BBA ARTIST PRIZE 2019, group exhibition, BBA Gallery, Berlin (DE).
Mind the Gut, design and production of three installations, Medical Museion, Copenhagen (DK).
Where does the goods come from?, design and production, Experimentarium, Hellerup (DK).
Caroline Thon Solo, Galleri Hegnhøj & Blyme, Copenhagen (DK).
Galore 2013, group exhibition, Krafwerket, Valby (DK).
PARANORAMA, Better than TV, Lille Lottenborg, Hellerup (DK).
Galore 2012, group exhibition, Krafwerket, Valby (DK).
World it’s time to push the button, KPH VOLUME, Copenhagen (DK).
Vinterudstillingen 2011/2012, Studenternes Galleri, Copenhagen (DK).
14x14x14, Group exhibition by ‘Det fri akademi’, KPH Projects, Copenhagen (DK).
Better than TV, duo exhibition, Bikubenfonden, Copenhagen (DK).
Galore 2011, group exhibition, Krafwerket, Valby (DK).
Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, represented by Le Magasin de Connaisseur, Shanghai (CN).
The Big Bad Exhibition, Better than TV, Lille Lottenborg, Hellerup (DK).
LAB SHOW, Group exhibition, Det fri akademi, KPH Projects, Copenhagen (DK).
Galore 2010, Better than TV, Group exhibition, Kraftwerket, Valby (DK).
Galore 2009, Better than TV, group exhibition, Kraftwerket, Valby (DK).
Galore 2008, Better than TV, group exhibition, Kraftwerket, Valby (DK).
VK-udstillingen 2007, open curated exhibition, Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk, Holbæk (DK).
Bordando la historia, 2020, 13 x 6 m. La Unión (CL).
Fødder Mødes, 2019, 4,5 x 17 m. Copenhagen (DK).
Piececitos, 2019, 10 x 6 m. Valparaiso (CL).
Earth remains -I am fragile, 2019, 8 x 2 m. Viñar del Mar (CL).
Arbol de Cuentos, 2019, 5 x 3,5 m. Biblioteca Libro Alegre, Valparaiso, (CL).
Hombre Pesado, 2018, 6 x 10 m. Valparaiso, (CL). Pies Rezando, 2 x 3 m. Valparaiso, (CL).

2020-2021: Teaching design and architecture part time at Rungsted Gymnasium.

2016-2018: Research and co-curator at Medical Museion. Research the transdisciplinary co-cu-
ration between art, science and cultural history in relation to the exhibition Mind the Gut. Assis-
tant curator on Metabolic Machines by Thomas Feuerstein.

2013-2016: Project employee at Experimentarium. Working with exhibition development and
production as well as EU projects on gender inclusive science teaching and communicating
responsible research and innovation (NERRI and RRI-tools).
2011-2015: Guest teacher at Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk.

2021: August-October (upcoming): Leipzig International Art Recidency Program with the Nordic
Leipzic Scholarship supported by the Göethe Foundation.

2019: (April): Residencia de Investigaciones Estéticas de Valparaíso, with Dr. Phill. Ricado Loe-

UMAC Award 2019, International Counsil of Museums, 2019 (part of the Mind the Gut curatorial
BBA ARTIST PRIZE 2019, Winner of the Audience Award.
Curating experimental entanglements /Bencard, Adam, Whiteley Louise, Thon, Caroline Heje.
Curatorial Challenges: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Contemporary Curating. ed. / Malene
Vest Hansen; Anne Folke Henningsen; Anne Gregersen. 1. ed. Routledge, 2019.
2013-2016: Masters in Biology, with minor in art history. Thesis on the potentials of including
artists in the work of science museums.
2008-2012: Bachelor in biology, with a minor in art history.
2007: Spring: Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk. Fall: Vera School of art and design.
2006: Kreativt grundforløb, Københavns Tekniske Skole, Julius Thomsens Gade.