Marit Dik

lives and works in The Netherlands. After a master at VU University Amsterdam she started her career as Developmental Psychologist. She made a switch to Arts and graduated in 2000 at the NAU, New Academy Utrecht. In 2009 she attended…WeiterlesenMarit Dik

Robert Fundis

lives and works in New York. He studies at New York Academy of Art and he finished with a degree in painting at the Binghamton University, graduated with High Honors. He recieved Martha M. Norcoss Art Museum Student Award- Best…WeiterlesenRobert Fundis

Noelle Timmons

lives and works in New York. She studies MFA Painting at the New York Avadamy of Art. 2010 she graduated from Laguna College of Art and Disign, BFA Illustration, Drawing, Painting. Her current work deals with illumination, and pursues figures…WeiterlesenNoelle Timmons

Elisabeth Glaessner

lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. In 2007 she finished B. A. Art and Arthistory at Trinity University. Currently she studies MFA Painting in New York Academy of Art. She participated in Concoran College of Art Study Abroad Program in…WeiterlesenElisabeth Glaessner

Brian Dang

born in Champaign, IL, USA, he currently lives in Brooklyn, New York..He studies MFA Painting at New York Academy of Art. 2011 he is graduated from BFA Painting School of Arts and Design of George Mason University. 2011 he finished…WeiterlesenBrian Dang

Alexander Tinei

study at Chisinau Repin State College of Fine Art, Dept. of Design from 1988 till 1991. Born in preindependence Moldova (1967), Alexander Tinei describes himself as ‘an absolute product of soviet culture, transformed into western culture, transformed into myself’. His…WeiterlesenAlexander Tinei

Marin de Jong

born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 1976. Educated at the Dutch ‘Willem de Kooning Academy’ where the main focus strongly leans towards conceptual art, Marin always drew his own line. His way of painting and the materials that he uses…WeiterlesenMarin de Jong

Dan Hudson

  born in Canada in 1959. Сurrently he lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He received a BFA in Visual Art at York University (Toronto, Canada) and studied anthropology at UCSD (California, USA). Hudson’s art practice includes painting, sculpture, photography,…WeiterlesenDan Hudson

Jay Ahn

  born in South Korea in 1979. After immigrating to Canada at age of 16, he studied at Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto and received a degree in Fine Arts. Studied Italian Renaissance Art in Florence between…WeiterlesenJay Ahn

Sifa Girinci

born in 1985 in Turkey. She attended Mugla Anatolian Fine Arts High School in 1999. After that she graduated from Anadolu University Education Faculty, Painting Master Department to wich she attended in 2003. Immediately after she went to England. She…WeiterlesenSifa Girinci